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Change "lidded eyes" tag description to clear confusion on lidded/with a lid

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lidded eyes
I.e. natural resting position of the eye IRL. For example, these two Lunas:

If “lidded eyes” is taken to mean “eyes with visible lid”, the tag is applicable. If it’s taken to mean “bedroom eyes, but not suggestive”, then it is not applicable.  
I think the confusion is caused by what “partially closed” means.
I do not know how exactly the description should be changed to indicate whether or not it’s applicable in such cases, but I think it’s not and there needs to be a different tag for eyes that aren’t halfway+ closed, but still have the lid.
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The problem with Luna in particular is that many ponies do not have eyes structured like hers, and many artists do not draw her eyes like they are in the show; what would end up happening is that the relatively few images in which Luna and other ponies with eyes drawn with her in-show style would end up going untagged and missed by people looking for images with that specific eye style.
I wouldn’t normally reply to a post like this, but Barhandar threatened to boop me…
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Someone suggest a definition though. I’m not gonna come up with any literary masterpieces today:
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14:27:13 <
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