Alias "growling" and "snarl"?

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Undead inside
Was wondering to gather input on if growling and snarl should be aliased together (as imo they are functionally identical) and if so which one should be dominant?

If not, how are they different enough to be separate?
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Sometimes Not Dead
Technically the difference between a snarl and a growl is that a growl is the sound and a snarl is the smile accompanying a growl, but I don't think anyone really cares enough to maintain the distinction.

If someone did care that much, the most correct option would be to have snarl imply growl, and then untag snarl from any growling image where they don't show teeth.

If aliased, growl should be the dominant tag since it's the broader of the two.
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French Taunter
A snarl implies an open mouthed expression of anger, like this
While a growl would be more the clenched teeth, like this
The question is then, do we fix the tags and hope people see the difference, or do we alias them for convenience sake since they are very similar, all things considered.
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More or less this.

Personally I see growling as an expression of displeasure or annoyance. Kinda like a dog upset about someone taking his bone. Or Applejack upset about thieving varmits. Even then, I wasn't even aware we had a "growling" tag until now, I've so far used "gritted teeth" to cover this situation.

Snarl/snarling I see as a much more feral, aggressive, dangerous expression. If something is snarling at you, you better ne ready to fight for your life.

To use the images above;
Growl — Daaw, look the doggy is upset…
Snarl — Oh god, this beast is going to rip my throat out!

Is this enough to warrant two different tags? I'd argue it is, but that's just my two cents.
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is he alive?
rip my throat out

Someone has been reading the Warriors series.

Also, I agree. Though the question still remains of whether a majority of users will recognize this difference, and whether it's then pertinent to consider them functionally similar enough to be used. Of course, I'm the same person who recently defined the difference between tail censor and tail covering, so I don't have much room to ask that question.
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