Adding 'aeroverse' tag for Aeroverse-related images

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Hi! I'm the main creator of the Aeroverse. I've been commissioning images with characters from it for a while now, and I was thinking of going through and tagging them all with aeroverse.

1. Is this a reasonable/acceptable thing for me to do?
2. If it is, could I get a description for the aeroverse tag along the lines of:
The Aeroverse is a fictional universe inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, created by Lucid Mirage.

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I've added the tag description. If these are all images that are specific to the story or series 'Aeroverse' then adding the tag will definitely help both with searching and filtering.

For searching purposes, it might be better if the tag is a "Content-Fanmade" category tag, like used for "Comics" or "Series", so I've made that change. Let me know if there is an image that is particularly representative of the series, and I'll add that to the long description. And if there should be something like "Comic:" or "Series:" before "Aeroverse" let me know and I'll make that happen en masse.

And if there are any implications that should be added to the tag, like "Alternate Universe", please let me know.
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