OOC: True but I just wanted to clarify why Stranaii’s acting the way he is in that last post. It’s also why he didn’t show off his abilities until now.
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(As if Professor Utonium wants to rule the universe :P)
Cirrena: Chuckles “Heh, I’d say that’s better than when I first ended up here” Smiles “Castle sounds good to me. Lead the way”

Matias: I startled in shock when I heard a sudden french speaking pony started decloaking and talking
Jeez, give me a heart attack next time why don’t you?I let everyone else finish speaking and turned to the pony with the metal tube in their mouth “You say ‘capable soldiers’? I’d say they’re VERY dependable. They assisted us back in the forest when we were getting attacked by Timberwolves…well, all the stray ones that got past those three” I turned and pointed to the Powerpuffs as Buttercup spoke pridefully
Buttercup: “Heh! Ah yeah, good times chopping up wood”
Blossom: “They didn’t really give us much choice in the matter”
Bubbles: “I wouldn’t be surprised if that mean ol’ HIM had something to do with their anger”
Matias: I turned back to the pony with a metal tube “So what’s your name…and how long have you been following us?”
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First, the Legendary Soldier glared at the pony lecturing him about his health. The end of his electronic cigar lit and he inhaled the fumes, then blew out a puff of smoke. He turned his attention towards Twilight and Whistler. “You have made a name for yourself, Princess, by defeating enemies of your nation. That puts a target on your back. I’ve been watching you for two weeks now. An unseen bodyguard, you could say.”
Then, to Matias and the Girls. “I respect any soldier committed to their duty. The tykes have a unique power of their own, but don’t have much wisdom yet. That will come in time.”
He tilted his head down. “…I’ve gone by a few names, myself, but you can call me… Big Boss.”

Meetra hummed. There was this… Feeling. A distracting one, like something was coming, but for now she pushed it aside. It had nothing to do with the matter at hand. “Cheap tricks won’t work on me.” Meetra said. “But at least we got enough information for now.”
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