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Matias: I rushed over to Plant Man with concern “Dude, are you okay? How did Dynamo not bust you into pieces at the end?”

Blossom: “Boomer’s probably somewhere nearby, lets start searching!”
Bubbles: “Right!”
Buttercup: “Time to give that guy a knuckle sandwich…”
Blossom: Searches trees “Nothing here”
Bubbles: Searches under bushes “Not here”
Buttercup: Looks behind rocks “Where is that blue baby?”
Blossom: “Lets try searching with x-ray vision”
Buttercup: “Got it!” Uses X-Ray Vision and looks around “Still nothing”
Blossom: Uses X-Ray Vision and does same thing “Nothing around this part”
Bubbles: Uses X-Ray Vision and does similar thing “I don’t understand, he should be here!”
Buttercup: “Well he isn’t…”
Blossom: “Are you sure that info was correct, Bubbles?
Bubbles: “I-”
Buttercup: “And Bubbles has led us on a wild goose chase, why am I not surprised?”
Blossom: “That’s enough Buttercup”
Buttercup: “Why? Cause I’m right and we should’ve just gone to town on those bad guys? It’s clear he ain’t here so lets stop wasting our time!”
Blossom: “We barely started our search, Buttercup. He might be using a tactic to keep himself hidden”
Bubbles: Noticing strange clouds approaching “Um, girls…”
Buttercup: “He’s a Rowdyruff, Blossom. Since when do Rowdyruffs cower in a corner, begging to not be spotted?”
Blossom: “Buttercup, this is not a normal situation like in Townsville”
Bubbles: Noticing weird energy being generated in clouds above them “Girls!”
Buttercup: “It’s not a normal situation for us yet you don’t see us hide like cowards!”
Blossom: “When we got here, we were hiding in bushes with the Professor to keep him safe until help came along!”
Buttercup: “That’s different!”
Blossom: “It’s not!”
Buttercup: “It is!”
Blossom: “It’s not!”
Buttercup: “It is!”
Bubbles: Eyes widen at clouds generating green lightning effects “BLOSSOMBUTTERCUPMOVE!” Tries to fly over to them
Blossom & Buttercup: Confused “What!?”
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Shiny Bug
Tapping once more into her Speed ability, once she felt the familiar weight of her blade return to her talons, she carved her way through multiple cultists, leaving a glowing red trail in her wake. She felt the thrill of combat, the risk of death, the bloodlust boiling… She felt alive, in her element, able to fully let loose.
Plant Man smiled. “To be honest, the demon was far worse; The energy coursing through my systems nearly fried everything. With the big robot, it was a little different. My shield was… closer to failure than I would have liked, and had it, I would not be standing before you now.” He hummed. “But it was a drain on my systems. I’m not at full power right now, and I will need a full systems check once it’s safe.”
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)
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loves a Demon
the Assmebled EDI forces elected to give the griffoness some space a set of mobile barricades and ices walls being elected between the field of slaughter and the town.
Whistler: “Deltas, the lady you witness is Meetra Surik, a Jedi exile thousands of years before the time of the republic… and at the time she became a legend, the last Jedi altogether, it is said her companions reassembled a new order from the ashes as she left for the unknown frontiers of the galaxy. now legends have iterations, and she is sometimes a hero of the light, and sometimes dancing on the edge of darkness… this one… is the latter and loving it.”

Twilight: “when this is over we really need to get an engineer to give you a once over… you’ve more than earned it already too.”
she meanwhile moved the bubble shield, now rendered opaque for added safety, to higher up in the towering castle, would do little good if they broke out but unless someone clocked her on the horn it was going to hold.

Vigil: “alright, so basically, the earth I come from is a little unique, and i think matthias is from there too. It is an earth of… dreamers you could say, dreamers that see other worlds in their dreams, but don’t realize those are real, they write it down and it becomes media, fictional stories, cartoons, video games… i don’t think anything back home has really been invented, it all is real somewhere… including a world of squid kids, a galaxy of cloned soldiers… a world of geniuses and samurai and robots… one of superpowered little girls made of sugar and spice and everything nice… a world of living robots with element themed superpowers… or a world of talking, colorful ponies and magic.”
he looks around.
“the things we dreamers saw, were snapshots at most, real worlds don’t work like what we sell as fiction… but the dreams give us an idea of what all exists there… the squid sisters, off the hook, DJ Octavio and his octarians… Grizzco, and splatfests… we know those exist but we don’t know what really happens over there. we have stories of hero squids stopping that DJ under the guidance of captain cuttlefish. but we don’t know about the inkling shelly… or anyone else.”

Shelly stood there in silence as she listened on to what Vigil was explaining to her. Normally, this would be a bit hard to believe without hard proof of it but, considering her circumstances, there was no way she could disprove it
Shelly: “So, in another version of my world, I become the hero that stopped DJ Octavio himself?”
She looked over to the landscape as she tried to process all this info in her head
Shelly: “Dreamers…dreamers like…”
Just as it seemed things were calming down, the silhouette from earlier reappeared far off behind Bruce
Shelly: “BRUCE, GET BACK!”
Bruce: “What!?”
Bruce turned to see…nothing. The alleyway looked normal to him. He turned back to Shelly, trying to reassure her that things were fine. She, on the other hand, wonder how he couldn’t see the quadruped figure like she could. Since it’s did not vanish so quickly, she examined the silhouette for a detail she missed the first time. It seemed that the mane looked almost translucent in nature, rippling and sparkling
The flashback ended as she turned around to Vigil again
Shelly: “Vigil there’s something that was on my mind, after that unconscious nightmare from last night ended. Alot of what happened was me denying that I was in the real world and alot of the weird stuff I was seeing was this place bleeding into my mind…but there was one thing that didn’t connect to all the stuff I was witnessing”
She used her hoof on the dirt to make an outline of what she saw
Shelly: “Do you know what that was?”

Thunder Force (Scorch): “Damn…they weren’t kidding about the Jedi being around for a long time…”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “A Jedi using dark powers, though? That doesn’t seem right, sir”
Night Hunter (Boss): “War can change a person, Fixer. That’s the brutal nature of it all…”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “It’s fortunate that we clones were bred for this sort of thing”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Still, it makes you wonder what the hell she went through to suddenly become like this?”
Night Hunter (Boss): “Lets question that later, squad. We got a town to secure!”
The Deltas resumed their work, clearing out Brotherhood troops

Gerald turned to Plant Man after Twilight finished speaking
Gerald: “Knowing your love for plants, we should give you a massive garden at the end of this chaotic show. You’ve certainly earned it”
He turned his head when he heard some thunder. Gerald went over to the door leading out to the balcony. He noticed some storm clouds forming over the Everfree Forest
Gerald: “Oh, that’s what we need: A storm…”
Gerald sees it glowing green in places
Gerald: “A teal green storm?”
He saw lightning strike a position out by where the fissure was in the forest
Gerald: “Wait…the girls said they were checking the fissure out for Boomer…”
Connecting the dots about the green energy from earlier, Gerald turned to the group in his panicked state
Gerald: “OH NO!”

Boomer continued his silent travels with the commando mare known as Bloodrose. He turned and heard the battle raging in the town
Boomer: “All the more noise for us…
He turned back as they were making their way to the castle in shadows and silence

Matias: “What do you mean ‘oh no’!?” I gallop out onto the balcony to see the storm “OH HELVETE! THATS THE SAME GREEN ENERGY THAT TOOK ‘HIM’ AWAY!” I notice Utonium galloping onto the balcony in a panic
Matias: “If that energy can take a reality warper like HIM into custody, gud vet what a lightning variant will do to them!?” I turn back around and look to Rainbow Dash “You gotta get out there and help them!”
Utonium: “Yes! Please see to them that they are safe!”

Bubbles: Slowly opens eyes “Uuuuuugh…” Gets up from ground “Blossom, Buttercup, are you okay?!”
Blossom: Stirs awake “I…I think so”
Buttercup: Gets up in aggressive manner “What the heck was that about!?”
Bubbles: Points up to storm “That!”
Buttercup: Looks up “A storm? You got worried over a storm? Uh, hello, genius!? We can handle a little electricity!”
Bubbles: “Buttercup, I don’t think that’s-”
Buttercup: “This is just great, first we try to find Boomer on info from a mouse thats not even from our world NOW we’re starting to worry about some regular lightning striking us!”
Bubbles: “That’s not regular lightning though!”
Buttercup: “And how do you know?! You haven’t been here for long, you can’t have known all the types of lightning in this world before we even got here!”
Blossom: Tries using X-Ray vision to find Boomer “Girls, I think-”
Buttercup: “So!?”
Bubbles: “So it means that SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT ABOUT IT!”
Blossom: “Girls, lis-”
Buttercup: “Oooooh, so that’s how it comes to then?! It glows green so something’s off! What a brilliant deduction, Bubbles!”
Bubbles: “Would you have preferred GETTING STRUCK!?”
Blossom: “GIRLS!”
Buttercup: “WHAT!?”
Blossom: Tries using eye lasers but nothing happens “Something’s wrong”
Bubbles: Tries flying but falls on the ground “WE’VE LOST OUR POWERS!”
Buttercup: Wonders for a moment than decides to punch a rock “OW!” After pain wears off, realization kicks in “Our…our powers…”
Bubbles: “G…gone…”
Blossom: “Now lets not panic, girls. If we can get out of this forest and head back to the castle, maybe we can find a way to restore them”
Buttercup: “Easy for you to say! We flew ALL THE WAY OUT HERE, remember!?”
Bubbles: Starts tearing up “Miles out from the town…let alone the castle…”
Blossom: Comforts Bubbles “This is not helping, Buttercup. We have to stay calm”
Buttercup: “Calm!? We’ve lost our powers in the middle of a world that’s not even our own!” Kicks a pebble “Great…how could it possibly get any worse?
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Shiny Bug
Meetra kept going, making sure to keep distance from those on her side. It would be in poor taste to harm them and would hinder her efforts. As the Lord of the Sith showed her foes the true power of the Dark Side, she took a moment to go on autopilot as she reflected on how she was similar to Sith she herself had slain, and how she was different. She did not see compassion as a weakness, as they did; It was a tool, a much more subtle one than instilling fear and dominance. Love, friendship… These were not foreign concepts to her, but she admits that in some ways what her master had taught her recontextualized them.
As she returned her focus to the battle, the most important thing she felt separated her from the Sith of old was much simpler than than what most would expect; A straightforward sense of pragmatism.
She noticed that she had grabbed one cultist by the face and was draining the life out of him while using that energy to fuel another Force Storm, shooting lighting into the air and striking many foes around herself.

Plant Man frowned at the storm, but knew that there was little he could do about it. For now, he knew his orders, and followed the Princess. “A nice garden to tend does sound very nice, sua alteza. While I am outfitted for combat, tending to plant life is my true calling.

Texty finally shapeshifted to his regular self, not that the rock disguise would have fooled anyone. He had no idea what in the name of the Hive was going on, and figured finding Twilight would be key… Wherever she was. Pulsing his horn to keep track of his surroundings, he began to wander the castle.
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loves a Demon
Vigil: “slitted eyes, wings and a horn… that is the entity Nightmare Moon, a split personality of Princess Luna, however she can also mean strength, her appearances in dreams are often an attempt by the princess to help you help yourself, sometimes as a monster to best, sometimes as an ally to rely on.”
he points to the castle.
“i had an apprenticeship with her sometime after i got my mark, we could talk to her and ask if she’s involved.”

Rainbow Dash: “On it, Egghead pops, i’ll get them back here faster than you can say one of your fancy science words.”
with that she shot off, aiming for the forest.
Twilight: “This strange weather is likely not THEIR doing… does Equestria’s Magic have an “immune system” perhaps? reducing that which is too powerful to belong to normal? if so i must worry for the Griffon Queen.”
(i officially request that the lady refer to herself as “the queen bitch of X” at least one time(it’s fine if you don’t but it would make me happy.))

Bloodrose: “that storm… i get the impression that you and your brothers will have more trouble than the lady of raising megalomaniacs, after all it has reduced you to a mere bratty colt.”
they had skirted around the battle lines, where the NOD attackers were being blended, iced, blend-iced and freeze-dried before rounding another corner the commando stopped and cursed.
“of course they prepared for infiltrators the second they knew we had one. You boys come with superbrains too right? any bright ideas? it’s too soon for me to start shooting.”
around the corner was the entrance to the castle, as well as an Orthros wearing a Vest studded with speakers, beside him a similarly armored Bear, apparently with megaphones attached.

OOC: I’d be fine with it.
Shelly nodded her head in agreement
Shelly: <<Yeah, I would like to see some conclusion to this. If she was involved in my dream and assisted in resolving my issue, fine. If she wasn’t…well, lets hope its the first option. Plus, at least I also get to learn more of this place in quietude>>
She turned her head back to Ponyville below, the flashes of light from the town showing battles there were ongoing
Shelly: <<I just hope things turn out fine when we get back...>>
Shelly turned back to Vigil and signaled him to lead the way into the mountain city

While the fight was ongoing with the Brotherhood cultists and the mishmash of multiversal groups, one engineer had managed to locate something within the robot that was still intact; a black box recorder
Duke Bristle: “Looks like we found what we need, gentlecolts!”
He signaled several workers over to get the box out of the combat zone
Duke Bristle: “Remember, Mr Whistler wants this box intact. Stay behind cover and wait for them to push up before you make your exit. I don’t want to lose anypony to a random shot or explosive blast”
Elsewhere on the field, the Deltas continued their task; blasting away Brotherhood troops and moving further and further out of Ponyville
Night Hunter (Boss): “We’re almost on the edge of the town, squad. Give us an ammo check”
Scorch fires off his last grenade from the anti-armor attachment
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Last shot from the launcher, sir! Well, that was fun while it lasted
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Few clips left, sir”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Running low on main ammo, sir”
Night Hunter (Boss): “We’re doing well, Deltas. Use pistols and your in-built knives if you have too, keep the pressure up. Don’t let them punch through to the square again!”

Gerald: “Hopefully, it’s just a simple recover mission, Professor. Lets pray nothing else goes wrong”
Gerald steps down into the corridor and sees Texty wandering through
He turns back to the group in the room
Gerald: “Thank goodness he’s okay. All the sounds of violence and action must be hard for him”
He turns back into the corridor
Gerald: “We’re by the balcony…and we’ve got two Rowdy guests with us”

Boomer: “Brick was the leader of our group, he’s usually the one who makes the decisions…now its up to me”
He checks himself over to see if he was capable of fighting. While his powers of flight had returned, his eye lasers were still out of action and, after punching a nearby stone, he winced in pain; his durability and strength weren’t fully restored yet
Boomer: “I can make a distraction, lure them away, while you head in unimpeded. Just make sure that you get my brothers out in one piece…I miss them”
He flies over to a position away from Bloodrose and picks up a stone. He readies himself and flings the stone at the Orthros’ head
Boomer: “Hey, Yogi and Scooby!”
He slaps his plot
Boomer: “Bet you can’t catch this!”
He flies off at regular speed. He couldn’t go too fast initially or they wouldn’t bother following

Metal stomping could be heard in the forest. It didn’t sound like one of those native wood wolves, that’s for sure

Matias: “Rowdy is one way of putting it…” I stick my head out the door to see Texty “Good to see you’re okay. Where were you though?”

Rocky Metal: Takes black box “On it boss” Sticks to cover and waits for right time to move “Seems those helmeted guys and the magic griffon have got things handled though…”

Blossom: “You just had to say those words…
Bubbles: “Wha-…what was that!?”
Buttercup: “Whatever it was, it sure sounded noisy”
Blossom: “We can’t fight, not in our current state. We’ve got to get to safety before we become sitting ducks out here”
Buttercup: “We also can’t fly so there goes that option…”
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Shiny Bug
And so the Sith continued her helpful bloodbath. A passing thought went through her head, curious if any of the cultists even realized they simply will not survive this.

Texty followed the voice, and followed it to the group. “Ah, sorry about that. I’m a bit skittish with these situations; Changeling instinct is to turn into a rock and hide.”
“Regardless, it’s good to see you again.” Plant Man said.
Texty jumped almost an inch into the air. “Gah! Right, right. The artificial one. Magic pulse sees your shape, but without any magic in your body it doesn’t recognize you as a being. I can’t ‘see’ you very well, in short. Now, if someone had, say, put a spell of some sort on you, I could ‘see’ that.”
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loves a Demon
surprisingly the amount of bodies one could pull from the mirror pool was not infinite, as everyone lifted from it took some of the water along, and unlike the return spell of the princess, this time it stayed out.
as such, once this was noticed, the stream of fresh cultists dried up, a group remaining to guard the grotto, along with some of their preferred hidden defenses, everyone else made themselves scarce.
Kane: “recall all stealth units and observers, we have a lot of collected data to analyze, the probing attack was highly educational, as was its purpose.”

what remained of the cult were throwing everything sharp and/or explosive, having long since abandoned any strategy they never had in the first place, though that had arguably worsened the effects they had on the town, the barriers and barricades could only prevent so much and a number of peacekeepers had suffered the blasts when those failed.
Medic: “fatalities remain at zero, and by Celestia that is not going to change now, bring me to ze heavily wounded, all others will find dispensers scattered around town courtesy of ze engineers.”
Whistler: “well deltas, i’d like you to come along when i check if meetra got it all out of ehr system.”

the Powerpuffs would soon see the rainbow clored contrail of Buttercup’s favourite rival approaching.
RD: “there you are, guess you lost a bit of an advantage earlier, need a lift?”

Twilight: “hmm, interesting, Texty, do you think you could see him if he was powered by one of our new arcane batteries?”
as far as energy from unusual sources was concerned Whistler had reason to be proud of this one, the arcane batteries drew from magic in the world around, and the Equestria was very saturated, millenia of residue of spells tended to add up.

Vigil: “despite appearances adults are not useless, they’ll be fine.”
he leads the way further into the city.
“just uh, don’t expect the ponies in suits to be as nice as the ponyville folk. we’re trotting around a different obstacle course this time.”

Shelly nods as they walked through Canterlot. She still couldn’t believe the beautiful architecture of this place
Shelly: <<For a bunch of snotty business types, they know how to make a city look good at least>>

Boss noticed that the waves of attackers were trickling down. The enemy assault was losing momentum fast
Night Hunter (Boss): “Cease fire, team. We’ve made our mark on them”
Sev lowered his rifle
Fang Hunter (Sev): “That was fun…”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “You definitely missed this kind of action, didn’t you?”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “As if you didn’t have fun as well, wise guy”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Alright you two, quiet down”
Fixer turns to Boss
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Sir, I’m reading no signs of further individuals coming from the forest”
Night Hunter (Boss): “Very good, Fixer”
Boss turns to the rest of the squad
Night Hunter (Boss): “Alright, Deltas, listen up. We’re to escort Mr Whistler when we meet up with the Griffon known as Meetra. Remember, keep weapons lowered and only fire if I give the word. Lets not cause a needless incident if we can avoid it”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Aye, squad leader”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Yes sir”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Affirmative, sir”
As they trotted back through the town, over to Whistler, they passed by alot of bodies of the dead cultists. Sev, after a min of looking, spoke up
Fang Hunter (Sev): “There’s something odd about them, Boss”
Night Hunter (Boss): “What is it, Sev?”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “These cultists…they look familiar to each other”
Night Hunter (Boss): “What do you mean?”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Their clothing, their accessories, they looked identical”
Scorch and Fixer examine the dead cultists
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “He’s right, sir. They do look identical”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Perhaps they were cloned”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “By what exactly? It’s not like they have the means to make Cloning Facilities, like on Kamino. The technology here is too primitive for that”
Night Hunter (Boss): “Lets remember, Fixer, we’re not dealing with an ordinary world here
They soon trotted over to Whistler’s location
Night Hunter (Boss): “Ready to escort you, sir. Lead the way”

Gerald soon heard the sounds of gunfire and explosion were dying down and looked out the window
Gerald: “Seems the battle is over…that was short”
Stranaii: “Yes, too short for any sort of plan to be fulfilled
Gerald: “Maybe they were sending a message to us? ‘Hey, we’ve got thousands to throw at you, we don’t care about losses!’”
Stranaii: “As if it would be that simple…

(Just wanted to be sure)
Matias: I turned around to Gerald “What’s the matter, Gerald? You sense something wrong?” I soon heard growling from outside “The heck?” I went over to the balcony “Where’s that growling coming from?”

Blossom: “Rainbow Dash. Thank goodness you found us!”
Bubbles: “Our powers just vanished after we were struck by strange lightning!”
Buttercup: “Yeah and we’re getting weird metal noises coming from the forest again”
Blossom: “Most likely those cultists, this must’ve been a trap”
Bubbles: “But…why would Mousekewtiz-”
Blossom: “We’ll find out later, Bubbles. First, lets get out of this place” Hops onto Rainbows back
Buttercup: “Better hope we get our powers back after all this…” Hops onto Rainbows back
Bubbles: “I hope so…” Hops onto Rainbows back
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Shiny Bug
As Meetra cleaned up the last few stragglers, her breath was a bit heavy, an aura of darkness around her as the adrenaline and the Dark Side flowed through her. Seeing no further viable targets, she closed her eyes and knelt down, deactivating her blade and stashing it within her cloak as she meditated. She hovered slightly above the ground as she fought to regain full control, the darkness slowly receeding.

Texty chose not to think too hard about the apparent battle that had been going on, choosing to focus on Twilight’s question. “Perhaps, that could work. I wonder if it would still see him as more of a magical artifact than a being in his own right, though.”
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loves a Demon
the slightly less superpowered COlt heard the Stereo barking, and then he FELT it because those amp vests were designed to blast soundwaves at hostiles, and Orthros both took their duty very seriously.
fortunately the wave ahd given him a hearty push away from the guard animals, who were beginning to pursue.
Bloodrose: “well now, i suppose having the colts currently unable to win against a basic door would not be an advantage… guess the two are staying in timeout, while i go for something more immediately useful.”
with that the mare entered the now unguarded castle gates.
“inspired choice to keep guards against infiltration, but you need something with at least 3 kilogram brainmass to make it work.”

WHistler: “you shouldn’t compare yourselves to them deltas, unlike you these mirror pool clones never had the ability to outgrow their purpose, you pull them from the pool with a goal in mind, and that will be all they have on their mind. Useful for cannon fodder, but even the Kaminoans would be appalled.”
they reach the center of the carnage, Whistler looking over the Griffon Queen.
“The dark side is something only force sensitives truly feel, but the addiction, it is in you the same as in any sith i ever heard about, you are aware that it will destroy you just the same if you don’t keep a handle on it.”

RD: “no worries girls, even if you don’t you’ll be back on your wings soon enough, and while it’s not laser eyes we can toss lightning bolts too.”
she takes to the air before whatever makes the noise reaches them.
“if it was one of Fluttershy’s she wasn’t lying… but the Cult guys do have the ability to go invisible, and they’re good at duping dumb ponies, like a bratty colt.”

Gerald soon walked out onto the balcony himself to see what was going on. He cringed at the loud sound of a double headed dog barking
Gerald: “Yikes, that was loud! What’s causing that to happen?”
Stranaii: “I believe I can see the cause. There, by that tree
Gerald looked over to see what Stranaii was talking about
Gerald: “It’s the third Rowdyruff!”
Brick and Butch soon heard this in the bubble
Brick: “Boomer!?
Butch: “Huhahaha! He came back, boss!
Brick: “Yeah but what the heck took him so long?

When Boomer got his bearings, he was about to be hit by a tree. He performed an evasive maneuver to avoid the branches
Boomer: “Ugh! Well, now I know what those stereos do!”
He looked over to where Bloodrose was…and it was very clear that his super-hearing had returned cause he soon heard what the Commando Mare had just said
Boomer: “What…
He couldn’t believe it. All that effort for this mission and this little bitch had just decided to change her priorities, completely ignoring the whole reason they got to the castle
Boomer: “That no good…”
In the middle of this revelation, he could hear the Orthros and Bear approaching

Gerald: “Heh. Something must’ve happened to their powers cause it seems they’re not all that cracked up to be”
Butch: “Did you hear that boss!?
Brick: “Course I did you idiot! Boomer, for once in your life, don’t fail us now!

As he was getting furious, some crackling teal green energy was, suddenly, surging through his system

Stranaii: “Something is wrong…
Gerald: “What!?”
Stranaii: “That energy from the fight with HIM…I sense it again
Gerald: “But if it could cancel and contain HIMs powers…”
He suddenly went wide eyed and looked over to Twilight with a horrified look
Gerald: “Oh no…”

Energy continued to build up as Boomer landed back on the ground
Boomer: “Of all the nerve! I didn’t come this entire way just to become a tool that can be tossed aside! I didn’t survive this world just so I could become some goodie gumshoe to a pansy princess! I will recover my brothers, we will crush those pathetic equines, squash them lousy Powderpuff Girls…AND I WILL MAKE THAT NO-GOOD CULT PAY FOR GOING BACK ON DEALS!”
As he screamed, the surge of power soon reached its climax. Boomer stomped the ground in furious rage, causing a teal green energy wave to suddenly envelop all that was immediately in front of him; the Orthros & the bear included

Gerald: “I think we’re in trouble…”

The Deltas soon heard a massive wave of sound behind them and turned to see a green flash
Thunder Force (Scorch): “WHAT IN BLAZES WAS THAT!?”
They surround Whistler and Meetra in a protective circle
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Anyone know what that was about?”
Boss turned to Whistler
Night Hunter (Boss): “Sir, this whole ordeal seems to have been a diversion. For what goal, though, I am still unsure of?”

As Shelly walked through the central area of Canterlot, some thoughts of last nights coma-induced dream came to her
Shelly: <<Hey, Vigil. I’ve got something to say about last night>>
She cleared her throat
Shelly: <<When I was still in that imaginary world of Inkopolis…I came across you, as a full-on Inkling…and I’ve gotta say, you looked kinda cute>>
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(Oh dear, that’s a pickle. If the wave is capable of removing one’s natural magic, as seems to be implied, it’s a death sentence to any changeling it hits. They require magic to survive after all, in order to absorb love, which itself is taken in and stored in a magical form.)
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(However if it only takes the super out of the superpower, because otherwise a few superkids would have gone to pieces, it would be fine, of course the bubble shield would still pop.)
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