???: “Their minds are insignificant for the task at hand. Allow me control and your problems would be sorted in hours…
Gerald: Ignores the voice and looks to Twilight and Matias “Heh, maybe we should get a recruitment drive. Who knows how many more are waiting to help out?”
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Twilight: “nearly everyone able actually. just about every adult pony in town is going through at least the reservist training, and those displaced that come here from worlds that know suffering hesitate only the barest moment before offering up all they know… usually that brings principles of science we never bothered exploring due to how easily we have access to magic.”

Me: “Well, when you have sufficiently advanced science at your disposal as well as magic, kinda hard to choose one over another” I chuckle “I mean, unless there’s a situation requiring one thing over the other, of course”

Buttercup: To Texty’s comment “Jeez, you think I don’t know what I’m doing?”
Bubbles: “It’s okay, Buttercup. We’re making great progress, so far!”
Buttercup: “Bet we’re only just exiting the starting area…
Bubbles: “How’s things back there, Blossom?”
Blossom: “We’re fine, Bubbles. Keep on going, we’ll catch up”
Bubbles: “Ok, Blossom!” Turns to Scootaloo and Buttercup “Come on, friends. Onwards we go! ~Following the leader, the leader, the leader…”
Buttercup: “Any problems so far, Scootaloo?”

Me: As I walked through the main hall, I heard faint singing in the air “Hmmm…is that who I think it is?”

Me: I listen in on the singing “I’ve got a guess who that might be…” I moved over to exit of the main hall “It’s coming from this direction. If my hunch is correct, they should be relatively close” I said before then thinking to myselfWhat’s happening with them, though, I have no clue about

I looked back to Twilight as she just stood there in the main hall “Are you coming, Princess? It could be a possibility that your students are heading up this hallway”

Buttercup: “How much further, Bubbles?”
Bubbles: “~Follow the lead- oh, I think we’re nearly back to that main hall we were in”
Buttercup: “You ‘think’? You’re not even sure we’re going the right way?”
Bubbles: “Don’t be silly, Buttercup. If we were, those noises I heard earlier wouldn’t be sounding familiar”
Buttercup: “What noises?”
Bubbles: “Duuuuh? The noises of people. We have super hearing, you know?”
Buttercup: “Hard to hear for when you’re blabbering the same song in our ears 50 times…”
Bubbles: “BLABBERING?! I’ll have you know I’m a great singer!”
Buttercup: “Ugh, I’m not questioning that Bubbles but you can’t keep singing the same stupid song over or else it’d get stale. Besides, how is singing 24/7 going to help with certain leadership skills like strategic thinking?!”
Bubbles: “You think leading by song doesn’t help!?”
Buttercup: “It doesn’t when you don’t do leader-like tasks!”
Blossom: “GIRLS! Arguing with each other over this is not helping anyone! Applebloom has managed to help our team so far with effective leadership. Buttercup, you need to put more trust in Bubbles’ decisions. Bubbles, your example has worked up till now but leaders also need to learn things like goal-setting, planning, communication, delegation, dependability, integrity, decisiveness, motivation and management when conflict in the team arises. If you can’t work these out effectively, the cohesion of your group will be unstable. As your sister and leader of our superhero group, I believe you can work these out in the end”
Bubbles: Few tears dropping from eyes “Thanks, Blossom…”
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