(I see no reason why not :) )
Me: I noticed Blossom putting a slight grin on her face ‘Oh, Boss, you have no idea…’
Blossom: “Girls, I hope you know how to fly with these new bodies. Lets show these wooden wolves what its like to be chopped and carved!”
Me: I watch them as they nodded in determination and dashed up into the air before flying into the wooden canines at high speed, their hooves out in front of them to smash their opponents faces in “WHEW, YEAH! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”
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Shiny Bug
Once he climbed up, Plant Man stood at the end of the bridge. He tapped into his power, and began to glow blue softly as his metal vines grew in length. He stomped the ground, and two of the vines shot out, wrapping around the bridge’s rope as it grew rapidly. Once it reached the frayed end of the rope, it kept going across the floor of the ravine until it found the other end, and pulled it until it met with where it tore. Finally, with a heave, Plant Man pulled the bridge up, his vines acting as the ropes holding it together. The path across was back in place, at least for the moment.
“Hurry!” He shouted.

Thunder Force (Scorch): In major surprise “Are we sure they’re not a group of Jedi…?”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Since when could Jedi fly without vehicles, Scorch?”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Eyes on the field, you two! We’ve got a few wolves closing up on us!”
Night Hunter (Boss): “Scorch, Sev, try to lure them near the cliff edge. Fixer, on me!” Turns head to the other two “Matias, Professor, stick with me and Fixer” Pulls his pistol out and tosses it to Matias “Here, you might need this!”
Scorch and Sev laid down blaster fire on the wolves, causing them to turn away from the group and onto them. They grunted in pain from the blaster shots and were visibly angry
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Now we made them mad…good!”
One wolf charged at them with ferocious speed
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Wait for it…wait for it…”
The wolf was about to leap at them
Thunder Force (Scorch): “NOW!”
They jumped out of the way as the wolf leaped at them. Unfortunately for it, the velocity it was going at was too fast for it to slow down, causing the wolf to go over the cliff edge and into the chasm below
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Stupid wolf! Look before you leap, next time!”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “SCORCH, GET DOWN!” Throws a cryo grenade
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Wha?” Sees the grenade thrown and gets down on all fours
The grenade flies behind him into another wolf about to claw Scorch. It soon became an ice block, stuck in its attack posture
Thunder Force (Scorch): Looks back up behind him and gets off the ground “Phew, talk about a cold reception!”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “You can do better lines than that, wise guy…”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Oh come on, Sev, it fits the ice theme!”

Me: I grab Boss’ pistol “Thanks! I’ll be sure to return it to ya when this is over!” I look to Utonium “Stick close, Professor”
Utonium: “Oh man, this is crazy…”
Me: “Not as crazy as it will be if we don’t find a way across”
Me: I looked behind me when I heard stomping “Huh?” I watch on in amazement as the plant entity manages to pull the whole bridge back into place “Well I be damned…” I turn around to Boss & Fixer “GUYS, THE BRIDGE IS BACK UP!”

Night Hunter (Boss): Looks to see the bridge is, indeed, back up “DELTAS, THE BRIDGE HAS BEEN LIFTED INTO POSITION AGAIN! HURRY ACROSS!”
Thunder Force (Scorch), Rapid Haste (Fixer) and Fang Hunter (Sev): “Yes sir!”
Night Hunter (Boss): Looks to Utonium and Matias “LETS MOVE!”
The squad rushes across the bridge
Gerald: “So you see, Whistler, the tree can understand us. I’ll bet you it’s understanding us at this very moment. Now, please, let me through so I can speak with it…”

Me: I follow behind the Deltas as they galloped across “Hurry, Professor!” I could hear the hooves of the scientist behind me as we made it over the bridge “Okay, we’re over the chasm, plant guy! Now, drop the bridge before they cross it as well!”
Utonium: “But what about the girls?!”
Me: “Professor, you’ve seen them in action a billion times, they’ll be fine. Besides, they can just fly over!” I said, not realizing I was giving clues away about me knowing about their universe
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Shiny Bug
The vines began to vanish, disappearing in a blue haze starting from the end. Then, once he was told to drop the bridge, his vines vanished all at once. The bridge dropped again, several boards breaking as they smashed against rock.
Plant Man collapsed to the ground. A quiet beeping could be heard as he grunted, struggling to get back up.

Gerald: Sigh of relief “Thank you…”
Gerald steps up to the entrance of the treehouse and speaks up to it
Gerald: “Oh great Tree of Harmony, I seek out your assistance in this trying time for myself. A spectre of my past lives on in my head…a spectre of manipulation, pain and suffering. I wish to see this removed from my mind so that I can live on in peace in whatever new land I may end up being sent to!”
The tree is silent
Gerald: “I…should explain my past. Not just to you…” Looks to Whistler “…but to those who have suffered in my wake, those who I have pushed around or yelled at for my own frustrations…”
The tree remains silent but he feels like its listening
Gerald: “But…before I can do so, I wish to see my friends to be safe and sound within this sanctuary. I care for them…and for them to also hear what I have to say to you…”
The tree, once again, remains silent. Suddenly, a sound was heard behind the courtyard door as it swung open
Gerald: Turns around “Huh?”
Gerald notices that the field is lifting up slightly. He can see the group of ponies on the other side of the bridge
Gerald: Looks back to the tree with a tear in his eye “Thank you!”

Me: I look to see he’s gone down “LORT, ARE YOU OKAY!?” As I try to comfort him, I hear the Powerpuffs return back to our position
Blossom: “And that’s all they wrote!”
Utonium: “Oh, girls, I’m glad you’re okay!”
Buttercup: “Pfft, no need to worry, Professor. Those wooden canines clearly didn’t expect such a massive cut-down from us!”
Bubbles: “…I didn’t like hurting them…”
Buttercup: “Well they were trying to hurt those we know, Bubbles, and I doubt they would’ve listened!”
Bubbles: “Well, we could’ve just talked to them!”
Buttercup: “And how!? This is a new land, genius! Who even knows if your talking skill will even work on them!?”
Blossom: “GIRLS!”
Me: I look to them for a second before tending back to the plant entity
Blossom: “In this situation, we weren’t given a choice in the matter. I’m sure in future, if we come across them again under different circumstances, things will be different…”
Utonium: “Blossom’s right, girls. What you did was, ultimately, a choice of preservation. For all of us”
Me: I spoke up and pointed to the plant entity “And lets not forget what he did for us…heh, you know, all this time, I never got the chance to ask your name”
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Dreaming the day away~.
(I’ll wait to find a good spot to join in, this seems like a more serious scene is being played out right now. xD)

Thunder Force (Scorch): “Hey, what’s that beeping light on his chest?”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Let me take a look”
He gets down next to Matias and examines the exhausted plant entity
Night Hunter (Boss): “What is it, Fixer?”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “I thought he was an organic lifeform like us…but he’s not”
Thunder Force (Scorch): Looks confused “So he’s…a droid?”
Fang Hunter (Sev): Confused looks as he looks to the other members of his squad
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Not in the same way as the Battle Droids we’ve encountered in the war. Some major work went into this model to make it look…organic”

Me: I listened to Fixer as he examined the entity’s body “A robot that was more than just a heart of steel, eh?” I then hear the Utonium family speak up
Blossom: “Wait…what happened?”
Me: “He…if I got this correct, he must’ve used up alot of his power in order to make that bridge for us”
Blossom: “But, couldn’t you have just called us to make a bridge?”
Me: “You were the only thing keeping the majority of those wooden wolves away. To call you back, even for a second, would be allowing more to slip through and endanger us” I look to him “He didn’t even know us personally…and yet he nearly gave his life for us” I could hear Bubbles soft crying in the background “If there’s only something we can do for him…”
Utonium: “THAT’S IT!”
Me: “Huh?”
Utonium: “So if he’s a robot made with plant life in mind, correct?”
Me: “Yeah?”
Utonium: “What’s the best way to help common plant life grow?”
Me: I look confused “Water?”
Utonium: “Well, yes but there’s one other thing a common plant needs other than water!”
Me: I realise what he means “SUNLIGHT!” Looks to the Powerpuffs “We need to make a hole in the clouds to give him sunlight!”
Blossom: ‘Right! Come on girls! Let there be light!’
Me: I watch them as they dash up into the sky. As they got further away, I noticed the multi-coloured drill that was forming “Come on girls!” As they drilled through the red clouds, I looked on with hope “You can do it, come on!” Finally, they cut through the cloud layer and a beam of the sun went straight onto the plant entity
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Shiny Bug
As the sunlight pierced through the clouds, the beeping slowly started to become more rapid and higher in tone. Finally, Plant Man let off a groan as he got up.
“Uau, Eu me forcei demais.” He muttered before shaking his head. Finally, the beeping stopped. While he wasn’t fully charged yet, it would be enough for now.
He then looked to the ponies around him. “Is everyone safe?”

Me: I back up as he gets off the ground “Safe from those wooden wolves for the time being, thanks to you” I said with a smile before hearing the Powerpuffs fly back down to our position “Its thanks to them that we were able to save yours”
Blossom: “Always willing to help those in need”
Bubbles: “We’re superheroes!”
Buttercup: “And we love saving the day!”
Me: I chuckle “You do, indeed” I look to the plant entity “Since it doesn’t look we’ll be going anywhere for the time being, lets give a quick introduction” I clear my throat “I’m Matias, formerly a human from the planet Earth…well one of the Earths anyway. Other dimensions can be so screwy with your head”
Utonium: “And I’m Professor Utonium, also a former human and a known scientist.
Me: I look to the Powerpuffs “And I think they can introduce themselves”
Blossom: “I’m Blossom!”
Bubbles: “I’m Bubbles!”
Buttercup: “And I’m Buttercup!”
Blossom: “And we’re the…”
Me: I have a tear that drops out of my eyeAlways amazing…
(I know that’s not the same artist as the one I showed previously, use your imagination :P)

Night Hunter (Boss): “I’m RC-1138 but I’m also known by ‘Boss’. These are my brothers: RC-1262, ‘Scorch’. RC-1207, ‘Sev’. And RC-1140, ‘Fixer’”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “We’re also known by Rapid Haste, myself. Night Hunter, Boss. Thunder Force, Scorch. And Fang Hunter, Sev”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “I know it’s a little confusing, plant dude, but we had to change our names to fit into this society better. I don’t think the natives would appreciate us being named by designation numbers”
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Shiny Bug
“Introduce myself, yes…” Plant Man then stood proudly, and lowered himself in a graceful bow. “Finest creation of Doctor Pedro Astil, finalist in the world-spanning First Annual Robot Tournament, pride of Brazil, designation DAN-001, but you can call me… Plant Man.” He looked at his own body for a moment. “…Perhaps the ‘Man’ portion of that designation is less accurate than before due to my recent form shift. However, a name is a name, and while a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, it is by that name the memory of the scent springs to mind. And so, Plant Man I shall remain.”
He noticed the opening of the barrier, beckoning them. “…But perhaps further introductions can wait until we can be sure we are truly safe, você não acha?”

Me: I, and hopefully the rest of the group, listen to his short introduction “Fascinating…” Before I could say more, Plant Man mentioned the barrier lifting and I look to see it is, indeed, rising upward slightly “Good point. Hopefully, Gerald and Whistler aren’t having a scuffle inside”
Utonium: “If it means getting away from a menacing red cloud with evil looking rain, I’ll take it!”
Me: “Come on, everyone!” I said as I galloped to the opening in the field. I could hear Utonium and the Powerpuffs following behind

Night Hunter (Boss): “Lets move inside, Deltas. We’ve still got an objective to complete…”
They followed behind the group
Gerald: Watches them come to the courtyard entrance “Matias, Delta Squad. It’s good to see your faces again” Notices 5 more figures with them “And some new faces, too”
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