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Crimson took a moment to compose himself
Crimson: “Things were fine at the start…”
He flashbacks as he tells the story
Jaspis: “We’ll secure the tree from further threats, your highness”
Twilight nods to her and lights her horn up, a glowing outline of a circle appearing on the floor before forming a dome around them.
“a bit slower than blinking, but so much safer too. next stop, my castle in ponyville.”
Crimson: “Just after you left, Princess, Jaspis gave us our orders”
Jaspis: “I want stronger wards placed across this area as soon as possible and then for a standard patrol until the next morning. Onyx Star, set one by the entrance there. Scarlet Fire, set one by the walls. Swift Bolt, set one over by that bush over there”
Onyx Star, Scarlet Fire & Swift Bolt: “Yes ma’am!”
Crimson: “After that, we patrolled the castle and the surroundings. Hours passed until it turned to nighttime. We thought it’d be a routine operation. After all, the big action was over when we arrived so we didn’t expect anything huge. As I was patrolling the entrance-way, Jaspis called me over into the courtyard. She felt like I’ve done enough for the night and had Swift Bolt take over duty. As she and I took some time to settle down, we were discussing about what had happened earlier that day and how blown away I was that this world of peace and harmony was encountering more and more powerful beings the longer this whole thing had been going on for”
Jaspis: “You seem worried, Crimson. What’s the matter?”
Crimson: “Sorry ma’am, this whole multiverse debacle is giving me the shivers”
Jaspis: “I know how you feel. When it first started, I thought it’d just be lost travelers from other worlds who would need help to find solitude here, much like how you were remember?”
Crimson: “Heh, I do. I was just a soldier of another dimension before coming here. Now I feel like I have a purpose, compared to my original home…but then there was that Delta Squad group. Can you believe it? A group of commandos all identical to one another yet with different styles to their approach. They could’ve come join us in our division, be the best escorts for Princess Twilight ever. Instead they opted to be defenders of that Ponyville town”
Jaspis: “Are you envious of them?”
Crimson: “…permission to say something freely?”
Jaspis: “Granted”
Crimson: “Why wouldn’t I be? They get to be badasses saving the day…yet here I am with the glorified cleanup crew”
Crimson: “I felt like I was about to get a good scolding for by saying that…but she said nothing of the sort”
Jaspis: “I feel like that sometimes”
Crimson: “You…you do, ma’am?”
Jaspis: “Sometimes, I wonder if I could be doing more to help this world, to help the newcomers and ponies of Equestria…sometimes I have thoughts…dark thoughts; wanting to take drastic chances to help make a more shining future, one where we can feel true peace in our time
Crimson: “…true peace?”
Crimson: “As she said this, I…I realized…oh god no, please!”
He put his hooves to his head in severe anguish
Gerald: “What happened next!? Please, tell us!”
Crimson: “True peace in our time, true peace in our time, true peace in our time!”
He repeated these words as Gerald slowly connected the dots in his brain
Gerald: “True peace in our time…if you want peace, prepare for war…peace through…oh no…”

Matias: I listened to the story as the Powerpuffs next to me remained silent. As Gerald reacted with shock, I looked to him in major concern “Oh no to what!? What does that mean?!”
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

loves a Demon
“You are not about to tell me that Jaspis, the finest non-princess magician in Equestria actually bought into the NOD sales pitch and the castle is practically under the control of these fulltime insurgents, are you?”

Gerald: “But how!? Surely, the shield should’ve kicked in again if the tree noticed NOD insurgents amongst the guards?!”
Crimson: “That was the first bad thing…”
Gerald: “First bad thing?! How it could it get any worse than NOD crawling all over the place!?”
Crimson: “Something else happened…after I realized the guards had gone silent, I got up to investigate but Jaspis held me in place with her magic”
Crimson: “Jaspis, what are you doing!? Let me go!”
Jaspis: “Did you not wonder why I called you over until now? I was sparing your life”
Crimson: “…what?”
Jaspis: “You were meant to have been silenced after your tasks had been complete…but I didn’t want you to die along with them”
Crimson: “Wha…why?”
Jaspis: “…cause, minus the solider part, you remind me of myself…”
Crimson: “…what?”
Jaspis: “I want you to be part of the side that wants to bring peace to Equestria, Crimson. You said yourself you wanted to do something more. I had those same feelings, something the Princess and that inept Whistler never understood about me”
Crimson: “But…I don’t understand. You’re the finest magician in Equestria, you had your own guard to lead as part of Princess Twilight’s escort. Surely, that’s everything you wanted, right?”
Jaspis: “Wanted? WANTED!? Did you not hear my previous thoughts, Crimson?! I wanted to be part of something grander, something that could help Equestria achieve the peace that we truly wanted! But the Princess and Whistler wouldn’t allow that, they would say that peace and harmony is already here…but they’re a bunch of fools. Do they really consider otherworldly entities invading OUR WORLD AND RUINING OUR LIVES THE ‘PEACE’ THAT WE WANTED!?”
Crimson: “Jaspis…please. It’s not their fault. They can’t control the multiverse, they can’t control what comes into Equestria. All they can do is help those that have ended up here and defend this world with the help of those who are willing to protect all that is living right now”
Jaspis: “Is that what those inept fools, Whistler and Twilight, told you…like they told me? They don’t understand me like he does”
Crimson: “Who?”
Jaspis: “The great messiah…the one who understood my desire for something grander and one who was willing to give me that chance!”
Crimson: “What messiah!? Who are you talking about?”
Jaspis: “That’s for you to find out…when you meet-”
Crimson: “Before she could finish that sentence, the courtyard came under fire from outside, energy blasts flying everywhere. Jaspis let go of me while she went to direct the insurgents to fend off the intruders. I took this opportunity to find a place to take shelter and take in all this information I’d just been given? As I pondered, a stray energy blast hit the air in front of me before something collapsed. It was a pony becoming visible. They were wearing one of those rare Spectrum suits Whistler mentioned”
Crimson: “I’ve got to use this, I need to inform them of the betrayal!”
Crimson: “I donned the suit, turned it on and flew off when I could. As I left the area, a calm and kindly voice rang through my ears. It told me that it would not allow itself to be used this way and that it would be fine in the end”
Gerald: “The tree…it spoke to you”
Crimson: “After I got up to the sky, the voice stopped and a light behind me began to glow brightly. I turned to see that it’d become a small dome around that tree you mentioned. There was nothing else I could do at that point and I fled as quickly as possible”
Gerald: “So that explains how you got away…but what about the damage to the suit or you supposedly passing out?”
Crimson: “Just before I got to the edge of the forest, a lightning bolt struck me. Forgot to mention, it was a bit of a storm over the Everfree tonight, surprised you didn’t hear or see it”
Gerald: “We had some internal issues at the time. I didn’t see a storm now having looked out over the balcony”
Crimson: “Heh, lucky you…anyways, it forced me into a crashed landing. I broke through many branches before I finally hit the ground. Fortunately, I wasn’t majorly injured but it did damage the suit in alot of places. I couldn’t risk another flight after that so I galloped as fast I could, to get to the castle and inform you, Whistler, and you, Princess, of what was happening. Just before I passed out from exhaustion, I tried to inform a pony who…looked different”
Gerald: “You must’ve found Shelly then. She’s a squid pony, came from another world like yourself but she doesn’t speak the same language as us”
Crimson: “Heh, guess it didn’t matter…no matter the language barrier, she must’ve found a way to inform you all”
Gerald: “Well, that explains alot. The tree’s sealed off itself again so at least they can’t get to it for the time being…but I still wonder about something”
Crimson: “What?”
Gerald: “What were those energy blasts coming from? Did you identify who they were?”
Crimson: “No idea. I couldn’t get a good look without risking several stray shots to myself”

Buttercup: “So right after we left, the bad guys just took over again!?”
Matias: “Oh, this sounds worse than regular bad guy of the day, Buttercup. These NOD types managed to infiltrate the royal escort of Princess Twilight herself! If they could do that, they could be anywhere in Ponyville and the surrounding area, watching our moves!”
Bubbles: GulpsAnywhere?
Matias: “If me and Gerald go back to our homes, we’d be in possible enemy territory”
Blossom: “And if we and the Professor ended up there, they could find out about us”
Matias: “It’s possible they may have found out about you already” I groaned in frustration “We should’ve stayed put back at the tree for longer!”
Buttercup: “But why would those creeps need the tree?”
Blossom: “HIM I can understand, he corrupts things around himself but why would this shadowy organisation need it?”
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

loves a Demon
Whistler: “Energy blasts… what in the name of the creator is happening here… In any case, it seems the situation is much more dire than anticipated, i will contact all stations, the worst case, a hostile power, is happening, that means our preparations are being put to use now. the EDI is in business.”
Twilight: “and so shortly after we finished the Guard equipment, we still do not have anything for larger problems ready.”
“yes… better put some coffee on we have a long night ahead.”
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

loves a Demon
Vigil: “Actually, from what i heard these NOD guys aren’t much for subtlety, if they think they can fight and win they’ll announce themselves, loudly. back home the brotherhood were going on and on about alien technology, capturing it, and going on a galactic conquering spree once they get off world, guessing they’d want the tree as a power source? i mean dad has a teleporter that works, but the energy it eats means you’d need half a sun to get decently far range.”

Gerald: “Not quite Global…but a Defense Initiative for Equestria still sounds hopeful to me”
Gerald looks over to Matias
Gerald: “We might have to stay put here for a while, if that’s the case. If Ponyville’s been infiltrated by NOD, they’d expect us to come back to town so they can eavesdrop on our lives. Good thing we finally caught onto them”
He looks to the PPGs
Gerald: “I’d advise getting some rest for now. It’s been a tiring day for all of us”
He proceeds out the door, going to find a bed
Gerald: “Whoever these unknowns were…I doubt they came here for the sake of peace”

At an undisclosed NOD location, information comes in and out daily. The news of giant red demons from other realities certainly stirred up alot of activity in the Brotherhood. The more defense they can achieve from other-worldly entities, the safer they be. With the recent infiltration of Twilight’s Castle, the listening team soon got word of what the Commando had been informing them
Shadow Mark: “Affirmative. Withdraw from the area and continue long range surveillance. Out”
From around the corner, the former division of Psicorps stepped in
Yuri: “The plan did not go as expected?”
Shadow Mark: “I’m afraid not, Commander Yuri. The ‘plans’ that were supposedly kept in the castle were just notes. It seems the scientist made sure not to keep all top secret information in one location”
Yuri: “He certainly knows his way of dispersal tactics, not that it will help him in the long run. How goes the operation in the old castle?”
Shadow Mark: “We have not heard from Agent Jaspis since-”
Suddenly, a static filled transmission filled the radio
Jaspis: “HQ, come in!”
Shadow Mark: “Jaspis, your report is late, what’s the situation?”
A mix of static, magic and gunfire could be heard as Jaspis gave her report
Jaspis: “HQ, this is Jaspis. Initial objective accomplished! Castle taken but now under fire! Attackers are unknown but considered hostile!”
Shadow Mark: “Unknown?
Jaspis: “Tree engaged defensive shield! No way through it for the time being! The unknown hostiles are using energy weapons! Scarlet Fire and Onyx Star are down. Swift Bolt is badly injured and the unknown intruders are relentless”
Shadow Mark: “Copy, hold your position!”
Jaspis: “Can’t hold out for much longer, HQ! These attackers are fast and hard hitting!”
Jaspis goes quiet for a second
Jaspis: “Wait, I see one now…metal…some kind of metal-”
Before she could finish her sentence, the transmission cut out
Shadow Mark: “Agent Jaspis, come in! What is your status?”
More static fills the radio
The static continued
Yuri: “It appears that trouble continues to plague this world”
Shadow Mark: “What are your orders?”
Yuri: “Continue the surveillance of Princess Twilight’s castle and her little band of fighters. Perhaps we can use this situation to our advantage…”
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Shiny Bug
The cloaked griffon approached the captain of a small vessel. “Twenty bits. Equestria. No questions.” She said. The captain barked a laugh. “Hah! In this weather? Fifty.”
The cloaked griffon tilted her head. “Do you truly think this drizzle is that much of a challenge?”
“Look, missy! I can navigate this fine, but I set the price! It’s fifty!” The griffon captain replied angrily.
She paused for a moment, and with intent spoke “Twenty bits is enough.” as she subtly waved her hand.
“T-twenty bits is enough.” The captain replied, devoid of emotion, his eyes blank.
She pulled out the required bits and gave them to him, who took the bits and let her on board.

(A Griffon as a force user, eh? Although, didn’t the first post of this thread say you end up as a pony?)
Matias: I turned to Vigil with an annoyed look “If they could infiltrate themselves like this without us noticing until now, I’m calling that subtle, end of!”
Blossom: “We only just got here so we certainly wouldn’t have known about them”
Bubbles: “But if these meanies want to ruin lives, they sure picked the wrong group to mess with!”
Buttercup: “When we find them, we’re gonna whoop their butts!”
Matias: I turned to them in concern “Not so fast, girls. We don’t know what capabilities they have currently. For all we know, they might have the means to neutralize or contain your powers, thanks to magic in this world” I went for the door “Like Gerald said, we should get some rest for now. Something tells me it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow…”
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Shiny Bug
(I mean, it also implies that us ourselves end up as a pony, not fictional characters from other universes. Plus I figure that having one Griffon is relatively harmless since the only innate skill she’d gain from it is flight. It also plays into my plans for her.)
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

loves a Demon
another figure stepped up, features and even voice hidden under what looks to be a winged glider suit. a few honor marks denoting them as a commander.
Cmdr: “Recruiting locals is well and good but that hotheaded guard captain jumped the gun hard, our preparation work is a fraction of what we had at the third war and we didn’t even have any weakpoint to sink a knife into prepared.”
Kane: “I used to think Zealotry was a human thing, but it is in all sapient creatures clearly. the hand is tipped, now we need to wait. if Whistler is like you told me, Yuri, then they will reveal themselves, and more importantly, where they operate from. You meanwhile commander, take what veterans we brought and investigate the forest, if my suspicion proves correct, the visitors are here early.”
Vigil: “YOu sound like you know what they are capable of. i thought we had established that just because one version of them was there doesn’t mean it’s the same here- aaaand he’s already walked off… rude.”
with that he pointed them to the beds.
“THe princess will probably raise the shields on the castle tonight, so just… get some rest, we ahve a lot to do come morning.”

Sunrise soon came over Ponyville as well as over the shielded dome of Twilight’s Castle. Gerald and Shelly, in separate rooms, both woke up at the same time. Gerald took a morning shower, relaxing himself from the stress of last night. Shelly, on the other hand, looked into a mirror, pondering things
Shelly: <<I must’ve been so stressed and/or distracted that I never payed much attention to this>>
She put a hoof to her horn, feeling it. She then flashbacks to earlier when Vigil, Matias and Twilight were with her
Shelly: <<If Princess Twilight could use hers to change Vigil into a squid pony…maybe I can do something with mine?>>
She closed her eyes and tried to think of something to grab with her magic. The light on her horn flickered as she struggled
Shelly: <<HHhhhrgh! Come on…come on!>>
She couldn’t get the magic to work so she stopped and gasped for breath
Shelly: <<Ugh, why is this so squidding hard!?>>
She stomped her hoof on the floor
Shelly: <<I’ll have to try later. Right now, I need something to quench my stomach>>
She proceeded out the door and stopped when she realized something
Shelly: <<Oh right…I don’t where to go in this castle…>>
Elsewhere in the castle, Gerald dried himself off and proceeded out of his room
Gerald: “Can’t start the day off on an empty stomach”
He walks off down the corridor
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Shiny Bug
Plant Man came online, taking a moment to stretch and test his servos. “Full power… Good.” With that, he began making his way through the castle, awaiting what would be needed of him next.

Texty yawned, and took a few minutes to untangle himself from his blankets; Seems he had cocooned himself with them in his sleep. Very comfy, but not convenient when you have places to be. Perhaps an update on when it would be safe to return to the Castle of the Two Sisters for his research?

The griffon looked up at the castle of crystal. There seemed to be some sort of shield around it; That would indicate a threat has been made.
Good. It would be easy to use that to her advantage. He raised her right hand and, through The Force, began to ‘feel’ around. Several minds, not the ones she was looking for… There. The nexus around that individual, the connections connecting her to everyone around her… This must be her. A gentle touch would be needed; A simple feeling, transmitted through the force.
There’s someone at the front gates you need to meet with.

Matias: I wake up out of bed and take a quick shower “After what happened the previous day, I’d be surprised if I wasn’t sweating like crazy” I finished in the shower and dried myself off “Now then, time to go find the others” I walked out my room and I heard squidtalk down the next corridor “Ah, Shelly must be up” I proceeded down that corridor to meet up with her

Blossom: Yawns
Buttercup: Yawns and stretches
Bubbles: Cute Yawn
Utonium: Walks in through door “Good morning, girls”
PPG: “Good morning, Professor”
Blossom: “Did you hear about what happened last night?”
Utonium: “I got the information from Whistler and Twilight this morning just before I came in. Seems we’ve got more trouble than I expected”
Buttercup: “Yeah, as if HIM wasn’t bad enough…”
Bubbles: “Not even Mojo Jojo was this subtle”
Buttercup: “As if he could, Bubbles”
Blossom: “Lets worry about crossing that bridge when we get to it, girls. Right now, lets get through our morning routine without issues”
Bubbles and Buttercup: “Right!”
Utonium: “I’ll meet you later on, girls” Walks out door

Matias: I find Shelly looking confused on where to go. I wave to her “I know you can’t understand me but good morning” I stand next to her and look to each side of the corridors “Vigil’s probably off with his father. Lets see if I can get the attention of someone else” I put my hooves to the sides of my mouth “BUBBLES!”

Bubbles: Perks up at voice “It’s Matias”
Buttercup: “Ugh, don’t tell me he’s already in trouble?”
Bubbles: “No, it sounds like…Shelly’s confused on where to go and needs help”
Blossom: “Go check on them, Bubbles, we’ll meet up with you later”
Bubbles: “I’ll see you two soon” Zip
Blossom: “Lets go meet up with the Professor” Zip
Buttercup: “Got it” Zip

Matias: I look to Shelly “She’ll be here any moment now” I hear the familiar zip sound “Ahh, good morning, Bubbles”
Bubbles: “Good morning, Matias. Good morning, Shelly”
Matias: “I can’t understand Shelly but I can tell from her looks that she’s confused on where to go” I hear her stomach rumbling and gave a cheeky smile to Bubbles “Most likely an area to eat something”
Bubbles: “Hehehe. Don’t worry, Shelly. Texty guided us around alot of this castle yesterday. Just follow me”
Matias: I see Bubbles walking her way forward and signalling us to follow “Shall we?” I follow on behind

As Gerald walked through the corridors, he stopped in place when he felt something. The moment passed but he didn’t move from his spot as he gave a look of confusion
Gerald: “You felt that, right?”
Stranaii: “Yes. It felt like it was peering into you before moving on
Gerald: “Well, if it moved on, it’s either cause it wasn’t interested in us or your own innate psychic power protected my inner self”
Stranaii: “It’s possible it was both
Gerald: “Either way, something just felt our presence. If it moved on, it’s not looking for us…”
Stranaii: “I can trace the feeling back to its source but I shall require your body for a moment”
Gerald sighed, he didn’t like this body possession but he wanted to know what that feeling was coming from
Gerald: “Fine…make it quick though”
His head twitched as Stranaii took over
Stranaii: “Now, lets see who you are…?”
He closed his eyes and concentrated. In his application of psychics, he scanned the castle first. No signs were detected other than the individuals already in the castle. He turned his attention to outside the shield…and then opened his eyes
Stranaii: “So, it appears we have another who is gifted in psychic talents as well”
His head twitched, Gerald took over again
Gerald: “A griffon…who could it be though?”
He looked down a corridor
Gerald: “One things for certain, Twilight’s gotta know about this!”
He galloped as fast as his legs took him

Shelly smiled as she followed on behind the two
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Thread Starter - Emergency: Equestria. (potentially NSFW)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

loves a Demon
it was a few moments later when the gate opened, the princess was there but in the way stood an armored pegasus with a steaming pipe, no doubt a cryo spray device.
Whistler: “apologies for the cold reception… and the pun… but we are on alert at the moment.”
as they pass another room they see Vigil who seems to be meddling around with what could best be described as a high tech lifebelt, which a grizzco worker might recognize as a personal respawn device.
observing the squidcolt was a similarly strange assortment of creatures.
Unicorn: “ah, vhen we were called up i imagined tasks with some challenge would finally be happening again, but ze very first thing to be reintroducing the defiance of death, i feel almost at home… do you think zat i may… study… this seemingly immortal Kane fellow?”
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