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Shiny Bug
Meetra hummed as she examined the glow before returning her attention to the soldiers. "I could tell at an instant that he was capable, and I suspect he realized the same about I. We talked. Our goals were not mutually exclusive. In fact, they'd benefit each other. So, I gave him two tests based on what he claimed he could do. I tasked him with infiltrating the Griffon's castle and returning with something important unseen. He replied by returning with an unconscious Griffon noble. Not injured, if you must know. He was returned."

Meetra let out a laugh. "The shock on his face when he realized he wasn't in the castle anymore was priceless. Now the second test was hand-to-hand combat against myself. I've taken on Mandeloreons before, and yet I ended up flat on my back and pinned down. I trust him with my life."


Texty paused, considering how to let their excitement down easy. "I do recast the spell every minute or so, in order to tell if anypony moved. It would be awkward to be talking to the space somepony was standing twenty seconds ago, for example." Texty said. "I'm so used to casting it regularly most of the time I'm not aware that I'm doing it, to be honest."

Plant Man hummed. "Well, to ease their worries, are there any other variants to the spell? Like taking in heat signatures or something?"

"Well, I do have a variant that focuses pn the magic signatures that eminate from living beings rather than the physical surroundings near me." Texty said. "Though I use it much less often. The locations are more vague, and it tells me nothing about what anypony looks like."

Texty let his horn ping one more time. "Yeah, some of the locations are a bit off but same number for number of ponies here."

Plant Man hummed. "Including me?"

Texty went quite stiff. "Oh." His horn pinged one more time, and then quickly again. "...But there's nopony over th- The box."

*Damn it.* The hidden soldier thought. Well, he at least had remain undetected for this long. And so, the pony threw the box to the side, revealing himself to everyone else.

He had brown fur, with a blackrown mane and tail, along with a beard. An eyepatch covered his right eye, and the left side of his face was scarred. At first, it seemed he was a unicorn. In closer inspection, a piece of metal was stuck in his forehead. The military-style outfit looked hardy, with a Diamond Dogs patch on the shoulder, though his left leg was red and metallic, a prosthetic.

*Who knows? Not me.*
*I never lost control.*
*You're face to face*
*With the man who sold the world.*

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