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Matias: "Twin brother? Very strange that not even Princess Twilight's friend mentioned anything about you...and part-time Wonderbolt/Royal Guard?" **I look over to Rainbow Dash** "Wouldn't you have seen him in your times with the Wonderbolts?" **While I was questioning the legitimacy of Empire Jack's background, the corner of my eye was noticing the Powerpuffs moving over to Plant Man and Texty**

Bubbles: "Not an accident?"

Buttercup: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Blossom: "If you got sent here for a reason...what was it?"
(Gonna try out a Splatoon turned pony character of my own for this one. I know it's not exactly starting out in the forest but I can explain the backstory to the characters in a later segment)

???: **Exits a shop** "Pfft, you call those cheap caricatures a 'great price'...had better sales with Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe..." **Walks out to Canterlot square** "At least the day's still out. Nothing bad's gone wrong...well, not here anyway" **Looks in direction of valley that is mostly blocked off by buildings** "Hope those poor souls in Ponyville are recovering"
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