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**Boomer was catching his breath and getting up from the ground as he just realized what he had done to the Orthros and Bear**

Boomer: "Woah...that was cool"

**He looked at his hoof, noticing a crackling surge of green energy flowing through it**

Boomer: "I don't recall being able to do that before? Unless..."
Gerald: "Okay, this is a major code red right now!"

Stranaii: "*I'm afraid it's even worse*"

Gerald: "What do you mean?"

**Gerald froze up when he heard a nasally voice coming from back inside the room**

Brick: "Well, well, I'd love to hang around and chat but it seems we've got a reunion to make!"

Butch: "Huahah! Yeah, Rowdyruff Reunions Rule!"

**As the bubble containing them failed, they flew out of the room and out of the balcony, past Gerald and Matias; the former being blown back by the sudden speed of the Rowdyruffs, causing him to cling onto the balconys edge**

**Boomer was about to fly up to the balcony when he saw Brick and Boomer fly out of the castle first. He soon flew up to meet with them**

Brick: "I don't know what the heck took you so long or what you did to free us, Boomer...%but thanks%"

Butch: "Heheheh! Boomer saved our skins!"

**Boomer blushed in embarrassment**

Boomer: "Aww, thanks guys. It's nice to be appreciated for once"

**Brick slapped Boomer in the face**

Brick: "Hey, don't get all emotional on us!"

**Boomer rubbed his face as he noticed the Powerpuffs arriving back via a rainbow pegasus**

Boomer: "Hey, boss, maybe we should retreat for the time being"

Brick: "...did you just give a suggestion?"

Boomer: "%...yes?%"

Brick: "Well you're lucky I was thinking the same thing! Come on boys, we'll give him a good licking another time!"

**The Rowdyruffs flew off at high speed back to the forest**
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