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Matias: **I see where Boomer was** "So he was trying to sneak his way back up to the castle? There's no way he could've got here on his own considering all the patrols that are meant to be on-guard...unless-" **I noticed something flashing on Boomer as he's about to be pounced on by the Orthros and bear** "What the hell?" **I quickly saw Gerald go wide eyed and turned around right as I could hear faint yelling from the blue Rowdyruff** "Oh this isn't good, is it?" **Suddenly, I saw a big green wave of energy emerged from Boomer and was apptroauchingk us at high speed** "OH SHI-" **I didn'rt have time tros fianishd my swBear** as I was s"Yentp, hurtlhings backis by nothe wave**good..."
Bubbles: **Sigh**

Blossom: "I'm sure it wasn't her fault, Bubbles"

Buttercup: "Gee, what makes you so sure?"

Blossom: **Goes to open mouth but notices big flash of green light in distance** "What on Earth?!"

Buttercup: **Notices light** "Oh great, a lightshow now?"

Bubbles: **Connects dots together in head and gasps** "That's the same color as the ones I saw in the storm clouds!"

Buttercup: "Wait, you mean the same thing that took away our powers?!"

Bubbles: "The same!"

Blossom: "But the position of that green light. It's like being projected from..."

All 3 PPG: **Wide eyed and gasps** "THE CASTLE!"

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