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Shiny Bug
Plant Man smiled at Shelly. "I can manage, but thank you for your concern." Then, he got himself over to Twilight. Interestingly, he seemed to have enacted a form of his Plant Barrier, except it seemed to have a repairing effect; While it couldn't repair *severe* damage, it should help him keep together long enough to get properly serviced. Finally, he got to the Princess herself. "Plant Man, DAN-001, reporting for guard duty." He stated with a flourished bow.


Once again, Meetra tapped into her dark powers as a Sith Lord as she lit her crimson blade, throwing it to cut through multiple foes. She let out a scream that seemed to pierce into the soul as she let loose another power. While at first it seemed like a version of the Force Storm she had used before, it was purple and locked onto eight foes, draining the life out of them and giving it to her. While battling massive robots wasn't something she was used to, though she had done that once, being vastly outnumbered by inferior opponents was a different matter.
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