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Blossom: "We also come from another time and place. In our home dimension, we protect the city of Townsville from various bad guys and monsters"

Buttercup: "Back at our home, we're known by the world as the butt kicking and city saving group..."

Blossom & Buttercup: **Poses** "THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!"

Buttercup: **Distant record scratch noises** "Ergh, doing that without all three of us is just weird"

Blossom: "In any case, it's very nice to meet you, Miss Surik"
Matias: "If I know my lore well, you'd also have to give them a cylindrical tank for the ink to be reserved. So, hopefully, after they' guns and tank are converted, we'd also have to connect it to the Inkling's ink gland" **I saw that Bubbles had a surprised look**

Bubbles: "Wow, you know alot"

Matias: **I shrugged** "I read the scrolls from the game"
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