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Matias: **I gave a sage nod** "Okay, that is some pretty cool tech. Now we just need one that can let Shelly, both, talk and understand us non-inklings" **I looked over to a Vigil** "Not that I don't appreciate a magical body change method already available but I just think that a translation device would be easier to do so we don't have to rely on you or Bubbles so much" **I swirled around to her** "No offense"

Bubbles: "None taken"
Buttercup: "Hope so...anyways, time to go check what that noise was" **Zip**

Blossom: "BUTTERCUP, WA-..." **Groans** "She can be so impatient..." **Turns to Texty** "Sorry for the short chat but we've heard a noise down by the entrance. Either one of us present is leaving or we have a visitor coming in. We're gonna check that out to see what's happening? I'll see you soon, Texty" **Zips off down corridor**
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