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**Geralds eyes [widened]( at the name as a few tears started to form**

Gerald: "Meetra...Meetra Surik. I know about you. Well, not personally but I heard of a version of your tales in my own dimension. The people you trained during your travels, they proved essential to the rebuilding of the Jedi Order after it was nearly wiped out. You stopped Sion; the Undying One. You stopped Nihilus; the World Devourer. Hell, you stopped Kreia; the Lady of Be**traya**l from killing The Force itself! You saved the galaxy from certain doom!"

**He bows to her before standing up again, a smile now on his face**

Gerald: "You are most welcome here"
**Shelly was shocked. She didn't think this world had the technology to do such a device like hers did. She tried speaking but she was choking up with tears of happiness**

Shelly: <<I...I don't...I don't know what to say?>>
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