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Texty smiled and chirped. "Ah, good morning nymphs! I am doing great, I got a great night's rest, so I am feeling fantastic!" He said. "And how are all of you?"

Then, the Squid Pony entered the room, and Texty tilted his head. "...Well, this is a new being I had not encountered before!"
- - -

"What the Griffons lack is a leader, one that can rally them together and forge a new nation far more stable than before." The Griffon said. "And I might be able to help with that. Not only do I have experience as a leader, but after quite the effort I have found something that will ensure my legitimacy among them."

Then, she turned to the one questioning her, Gerald. "I can tell from the curious technology of your guard here that this is something you have encountered before, and some word has gotten around about strange ponies that aren't really ponies. Myself, I have not always been a Griffon. As for who I was... That is a long story. I was once a guardian of peace, before a galaxy-wide war threatened our Republic. I went to fight. Whoever I was... Died. I returned only to be exiled by my own kind. The ensuing conflict I was forced into became the crucible that rebirthed me. I have had numerous titles in my lifetimes, but the one that will suit this moment is Meetra Surik." She said.
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