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_it was a few moments later when the gate opened, the princess was there but in the way stood an armored pegasus with a steaming pipe, no doubt a cryo spray device._

Whistler: "apologies for the cold reception... and the pun... but we are on alert at the moment."


_as they pass another room they see Vigil who seems to be meddling around with what could best be described as a high tech lifebelt, which a grizzco worker might recognize as a personal respawn device._

_observing the squidcolt was a similarly [strange assortment](>>https://derpibooru.org/images/2095243) of creatures._

Unicorn: "ah, vhen we were called up i imagined tasks with some challenge would finally be happening again, but ze very first thing to be reintroducing the defiance of death, i feel almost at home... do you think zat i may... study... this seemingly immortal Kane fellow?"
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