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**Sunrise soon came over Ponyville as well as the over the shielded dome of Twilight's Castle. Gerald and Shelly, in separate rooms, both woke up at the same time. Gerald took a morning shower, relaxing himself from the stress of last night. Shelly, on the other hand, looked into a mirror, pondering things**

Shelly: <<I must've been so stressed and/or distracted that I never payed much attention to this>>

**She put a hoof to her horn, feeling it. She then flashbacks to earlier when Vigil, Matias and Twilight were with her**

Shelly: <<If Princess Twilight could use hers to change Vigil into a squid pony...maybe I can do something with mine?>>

**She closed her eyes and tried to think of something to grab with her magic. The light on her horn flickered as she struggled**

Shelly: <<HHhhhrgh! Come on...come on!>>

**She couldn't get the magic to work so she stopped and gasped for breath**

Shelly: <<Ugh, why is this so squidding hard!?>>

**She stomped her hoof on the floor**

Shelly: <<I'll have to try later. Right now, I need something to quench my stomach>>

**She proceeded out the door and stopped when she realized something**

Shelly: <<Oh right...I don't where to go in this castle...>>

**Elsewhere in the castle, Gerald dried himself off and proceeded out of his room**

Gerald: "Can't start the day off on an empty stomach"

**He walks off down the corridor**
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