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_another figure stepped up, features and even voice hidden under what looks to be a winged glider suit. a few honor marks denoting them as a commander._

Cmdr: "Recruiting locals is well and good but that hotheaded guard captain jumped the gun hard, our preparation work is a fraction of what we had at the third war and we didn't even have any weakpoint to sink a knife into prepared."

Kane: "I used to think Zealotry was a human thing, but it is in all sapient creatures clearly. the hand is tipped, now we need to wait. if Whistler is like you told me, Yuri, then they will reveal themselves, and more importantly, where they operate from. You meanwhile commander, take what veterans we brought and investigate the forest, if my suspicion proves correct, the visitors are here early."

Vigil: "YOu sound like you know what they are capable of. i thought we had established that just because one version of them was there doesn't mean it's the same here- aaaand he's already walked off... rude."

_with that he pointed them to the beds._

"THe princess will probably raise the shields on the castle tonight, so just... get some rest, we ahve a lot to do come morning."
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