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**Crimson took a moment to compose himself**

Crimson: "Things were fine at the start..."

**He flashbacks as he tells the story**

> Jaspis: "We'll secure the tree from further threats, your highness"

> _Twilight nods to her and lights her horn up, a glowing outline of a circle appearing on the floor before forming a dome around them._
> "a bit slower than blinking, but so much safer too. next stop, my castle in ponyville."

Crimson: "Just after you left, Princess, Jaspis gave us our orders"

> Jaspis: "I want stronger wards placed across this area as soon as possible and then for a standard patrol until the next morning. Onyx Star, set one by the entrance there. Scarlet Fire, set one by the walls. Swift Bolt, set one over by that bush over theree"
> Onyx Star, Scarlet Fire & Swift Bolt: "Yes ma'am!"

Crimson: "After that, we patrolled the castle and the surroundings. Hours passed until it turned to nighttime. We thought it'd be a routine operation. After all, the big action was over when we arrived so we didn't expect anything huge. As I was patrolling the entrance-way, Jaspis called me over into the courtyard. She felt like I've done enough for the night and had Swift Bolt take over duty. As she and I took some time to settle down, we were discussing about what had happened earlier that day and how blown away I was that this world of peace and harmony was encountering more and more powerful beings the longer this whole thing had been going on for"

> Jaspis: "You seem worried, Crimson. What's the matter?"
> Crimson: "Sorry ma'am, this whole multiverse debacle is giving me the shivers"
> Jaspis: "I know how you feel. When it first started, I thought it'd just be lost travelers from other worlds who would need help to find solitude here, much like how you were remember?"
> Crimson: "Heh, I do. I was just a soldier of another dimension before coming here. Now I feel like I have a purpose, compared to my original home...but then there was that Delta Squad group. Can you believe it? A group of commandos all identical to one another yet with different styles to their approach. They could've come join us in our division, be the best escorts for Princess Twilight ever. Instead they opted to be defenders of that Ponyville town"
> Jaspis: "Are you envious of them?"
> Crimson: "...permission to say something freely?"
> Jaspis: "Granted"
> Crimson: "Why wouldn't I be? They get to be badasses saving the day...yet here I am with the glorified cleanup crew"

Crimson: "I felt like I was about to get a good scolding for by saying that...but she said nothing of the sort"

> Jaspis: "I feel like that sometimes"
> Crimson: "You...you do, ma'am?"
> Jaspis: "Sometimes, I wonder if I could be doing more to help this world, to help the newcomers and ponies of Equestria...sometimes I have thoughts...dark thoughts; wanting to take drastic chances to help make a more shining future, one where we can feel *true peace in our time*"
> Crimson: "...true peace?"

Crimson: "As she said this, I...I realized...oh god no, please!"

**He put his hooves to his head in severe anguish**

Gerald: "What happened next!? Please, tell us!"

Crimson: "True peace in our time, true peace in our time, true peace in our time!"

**He repeated these words as Gerald slowly connected the dots in his brain**

Gerald: "True peace in our time...if you want peace, prepare for war...peace through...oh no..."
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