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Matias: **I followed on behind Gerald and heard what he and Whistler said. While Twilight was healing the guard up, I spoke to Whistler** "Spectrum suit? I don't recall them wearing it last time we saw them in the old castle courtyard, they just looked like normal guard outfits...well, unless the 'joke' you're gonna tell me was they were wearing it the whole time and they just had a royal guard disguise switch on their outfits?"
Bubbles: **Watches him walk off and looks sad** "Poor Plant Man..."

Blossom: "What's wrong with him?"

Bubbles: "It's not him, specifically. While you two were patrolling the castle, Shelly got upset at Plant Man and stormed off"

Buttercup: "Over what?! Her life being saved?!"

Bubbles: "That's the thing, she felt like she didn't need saving at that point"
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