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**The doors are violently opened again as Gerald gasps for breath again**

Gerald: "TROUBLE...trouble, we're in deep trouble! It's the Brotherhood of Nod!"

**He breathes for a bit after the rush back in**

Gerald: "Now I know why I couldn't see them earlier, they're using mobile stealth generators to get around! We also found out a red maned pegasus with an eyepatch was also in the building, a Nod Commando I bet. Your son is fine, Whistler, if a bit bruised. They tried to kill Shelly via a lethal fall on the way out but didn't anticipate her biology"

**Gerald looks to Twilight**

Gerald: "You need to get all hooves on deck, Princess. If they're here, their leader Kane can't be far behind!"
Shelly: <<A secret cult? Sounds like something out a fictional novel...but considering I'm here with many new characters from other lands, I've got no excuse to be skeptical now>>

Shelly: <<A hobby of mine, I'll tell more some other time>>

**As Shelly got up and walked over to the balcony ledge, her eyes looked over to the strange plant/robot hybrid for a second. She looked away from them and looked over the horizon**

Shelly: <<Funny. After what happened with me in my dream earlier, I never thought my day would get any stranger. This new world is just full of surprises>>
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