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**As they were talking, Gerald walks up to the balcony edge and looks out over the area, having a flashback to the conversation Texty, Whistler, Matias and himself had in the cafe**

> Whister: "called himself yuri, goes by mastermind these days, and i knew him well before. he nearly blew a vein on his head when i informed him mind control was not possible here anymore"

> Gerald: "Yuri is here too!? Well, thank Celestia that issue's been averted! Hope he's been sent off to prison..."

**His flashback ends as he speaks up**

Gerald: "Can't have been Yuri, his manipulative abilities have been hampered by Whistler's devices. Plus, I doubt he wouldn't be on a watchlist after coming across Whistler"

**He turns around and walks over to the group. Shelly looks at him in slight confusion before as he whispers something into Bubbles' ear and motions to Vigil**

Shelly: <<What are you doing?>>
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