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Matias: **I looked at Utonium and Whistler in confusion while 'Gerald' was talking about his body** "What form? What's going on and why is he acting differently?"

Utonium: "I'm not sure!?"

Matias: **I looked to Plant Man and whispered** "%Be ready in case things get ugly%" **I looked back to 'Gerald' as he raised his voice, turned around and clarified something. My head connects the dots** "You're that other entity Gerald's been putting up with, right?"
Blossom: **Helps Sweetie Belle up a step** "There's a few things I've been meaning to ask whilst we're here" **Turns to Applebloom** "I know your group got started cause you wanted Cutie Marks but what caused your group to form? Did you three stumble upon each other by happenstance?"
Buttercup: "When has their NEVER been a bad guy involved?!"

Bubbles: "Well there was the time that Blossom stole an expensive bag of Golf-clubs"

Buttercup: "Oh...right"

Bubbles: **Looks the two strange ponies** "Wow, they're like a pony combined with a squid from the ocean! Aww, two cute things put together!"

Buttercup: "Uh, Bubbles, look at the one helping the other"

Bubbles: "Huh?" **Sees the collar and has flashback**

> Vigil: `"Silent Vigil, pleased to meet you."`

Bubbles: **Shocked** "Vigil? You...you...you were an adorable squid pony this whole time?"

Buttercup: **Facepalms** "Ugh!"
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