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Bubbles: "I do. [I was even the lead singer in a one time band]("

Buttercup: "Even though you were on drums?"

Bubbles: "Who says a drummer can't sing?"

Blossom: "To answer Vigil's question, we were created but not in the normal sense. Our father, Professor Utonium, wanted to create the perfect little girl and mixed up a container filled with Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. He then 'accidentally' added Chemical X, a powerful but mysterious substance, to the mix, creating us. It also gave us all of our superpowers"

Bubbles: "Essentially, we're superheroes!"

Me: **While Blossom was busy explaining to Vigil, I noticed Texty looking a little confused at why the Deltas look identical** "Ah yes, it's a little strange at first. See, they were all created from the same DNA sample but trained in different styles as they grew up. Like, imagine another you but he's good at combat instead of research"
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