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OOC: Crashing through spectacularually while a military squad is in the building. Quite a bad thing to do :P

**Sev and Fixer carry Gerald to an unused room and put him onto a bed. Scorch was right behind them**

Fang Hunter (Sev): "I hope we can get some answers to his condition soon. I don't like being in the dark"

Rapid Haste (Fixer): "Neither do I, Sev, but we're gonna have to work with what we got for the time being"

Thunder Force (Scorch): "I see Gerald's comfy now. If I only had a bed that soft..."

**Sev and Fixer turn to see Scorch in the doorway**

Fang Hunter (Sev): "Let me guess? Guard duty for you?"

Thunder Force (Scorch): "Are you sure you're not a Jedi, Sev?"

Fang Hunter (Sev): "You don't need to be a Jedi to have good hearing..."

Thunder Force (Scorch): "And yet, some of them can still be surprised. Who would've thought?"

**Suddenly, a loud crash through a door could be heard**

Thunder Force (Scorch): "What the?"

**Boss, who was only down a few corridors, also heard the noise**

Night Hunter (Boss): **Gets on comms** "Squad, did you hear the crashing sound too?"

Rapid Haste (Fixer): "Affirmative, I estimate stheem sound's location beis coming from the front entrance"

Night Hunter (Boss): "Right. Fixer, Sev, get to my position!"

Rapid Haste (Fixer), Fang Hunter (Sev): "On our way, sir!"

**The two of them exit the bedroom and head down the corridor**

Night Hunter (Boss): "Scorch, keep on guard for Gerald and report in if anything suspicious comes your way"

Thunder Force (Scorch): "Will do, sir!" **Gets off comms and closes Gerald's room** "Well now...time to wait..."
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