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Me: "Well, considering the sort of powers he demonstrated today, I can't imagine Discord will have much trouble with HIM, despite being dragged to wherever he got sent off to?" **As I finished this sentence, the Powerpuffs flew back down to our position. I saw Professor Utonium gallopeding over and gaiveing all 3 of them a hug**

Utonium: "Girls! Oh thank goodness you're okay!"

Buttercup: "Pfft, we weren't worried, Professor"

Blossom: "Especially after that chimaera entity came to our rescue"

Bubbles: "He sure gave that big red meanie a few things to remember!"

Me: **I then turn and gasped to see Plant Man still lying on the ground. Concerned for his life, I galloped over to him** "Take it easy. Boosting that field couldn't have come without repercussions on your internal systems, I bet..."
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