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Gerald: "Well, at this rate, victory's now in our grasp. Certainly got a little hairy on the way but otherwise-" **Suddenly falls on the ground again in pain**

Night Hunter (Boss): "Gerald!" **Rushes over to him**

**The rest of the Deltas surround Gerald as he speaks up with a weak voice**

Gerald: "Not now...not while I was so close to ridding myself of...this...nightmare!" **Faints**

Night Hunter (Boss): "Squad, check his vital signs! What's wrong with him!?"

**Using their equipment, they look at his health status**

Rapid Haste (Fixer): "We're not getting a clear cut reason why this is happening, sir!"

Night Hunter (Boss): "What?"

Rapid Haste (Fixer): "I read no problems with his heart or lungs, his stomach and intestines are fine. His brain functions are good. Nothing"

Fang Hunter (Sev): "But why would he fake it? At a time like this?"

Rapid Haste (Fixer): **Tries to wake him via different techniques** "If he was faking, he should've awoken by now. This doesn't make sense"

Night Hunter (Boss): "Scorch, Sev, what's your thoughts?"

Thunder Force (Scorch): "It's a little mystifying, Boss. It's as if these symptoms don't have a physical source to them"

Fang Hunter (Sev): "Or at least, not one which we can track, sir"

Night Hunter (Boss): **Looks down to Gerald then back to the squad** "We'll have to hope this situation dies down before we get in trouble"

**Meanwhile, HIM teleported out of the explosive chocolate bombardment and was back on his feet, staring the little chimaera down**

HIM: "*It seems I have a little competition, after all!*"
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