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(Sorry to hear that man. Best of luck in future endeavors)

(As for anyone else who might be spectating, I might as well get the wheel rolling again)

*Several months passed since the last person teleported to Equestria. Matias Andersson got himself a job at a local restaurant due to experience he obtained back on Earth. Apart from a few assholes he encountered, the little life he's made has been going smoothly...*

Me: *Shows up with a dish* "Here you are, good ma'am. Hope you enjoy"

*I walk off to go get another customer their meal. After several hours of serving customers, sunset came when my shift was officially done. I grab my things and headed out of the building*

Me: "Another day, another Krona...heh...Krona..."

*I stopped in my tracks for a minute and looked to the sunset*

Me: *Sigh* "I do miss home...but, ever since that scientist said it wasn't possible...what else can I do?"

*I then look around the town, still bustling with activity*

Me: "It's been a while since I've seen Jonis and Gerald...hope they're doing okay?"
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