The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]

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Shiny Bug
I think what they’re getting at is that “Safe Roleplays” is an extremely broad category, usually one says specifically what kind of RP they are looking for when they post here.
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Blitz Inferno

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Might as well try here.
Hello and greetings. Im looking for a RP that I can make a story with someone. I’ve got some ideas of my own but I always like hearing ideas from others. Maybe they can meld together. NSFW can be involved but not the main focus, Im looking for a grand adventure type deal. It’ll be hefty but if you’re interested, message me.
Subjects like Horror, Mystery, Drama and such are always welcome. Anthro only.
Target Strike
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Hello, I am Target Strike, and for those who are interested for an RP with me, I am looking for action adventure or horror (I am open to other subjects). I also have 4 ocs and I can do either anthro or feral. Send me a message if interested.
Luminous Comet

I only recently got back into the show and I miss doing small OC RPs.
In light of that, I’m available for Slice of Life RPs using OCs. I have a few of them and would happily introduce them to you.
I also offer light romance RPs (wlw only), with either OCs or canon characters. For that I’ll also happily do Equestria Girls RPs.

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Howdy. My name is Phoxphite, and I am here to look for an RP partner.
I have several characters to play as, mostly pony and pony related, a couple here and there that are feral or can be used as feral but not really based upon MLP exclusively. I have no preference between feral or anthro.
Genres I’m interested in are action/adventure, horror, and slice of life. But if I’m interested in it, I can try something new.
My main expertise are short replies, and one line RPs, but I am willing to try to squeeze in a few sentences or more if and when needed. Just be warned that it’ll slow down my replies, and they’ll still likely to fall on the short side.
Beyond that, I can’t really think of anything to add. Hit me up in the messages if you’re interested, and hopefully we can figure something out.
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Uh… hope I’m doing this right
I can do either G4 or G5 of MLP. I can do canon characters or OCs, I have plenty of OCs.
I don’t do anthro/feral or such.
I’d rather do slice of lifer adventure
I’d also rather stick with what kind of stuff would be appropriate for the target audience. I’m okay with small amount of blood, death, fight scenes and such.
I may have forgotten something but if I feel uncomfortable I’ll tell you

Hi!! This is Ruby/Mags. I’m trying to get back into the roleplaying scene. I’m not new but It has been quite a bit. I’m looking for something short and sweet to practice with (i.e. slice of life) SFW obviously, pg-13 at worst. Nothing too explicit.
I’ve been thinking about the concept of a romantic Octyra College!AU and would love to explore it with someone! But I’m willing to go along with whatever someone else suggests! I’m flexible.
I have a couple of ocs but I would rather rp canon mares or female characters (my favorites are the aforementioned Lyra, flower trio, and Cheerilee). I’m okay with oc x canon but wlw relationships only, please! Male charas are OK, just keep it platonic, alright?
PM me on here and I’ll give you my discord so we can talk there :3c Would love to make your acquaintance!
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Hello there!
I have an extremely strange but also interesting roleplay idea that I really want to do, bit I still need a partner for it.
About the idea:
The idea of the roleplay would be mostly in a fallout setting, but with a touch of sci-fi. My plan would be that my OC (Azure - is from an interstellar extraterrestrial empire and was sent to find a good location for a planetary base in the Wasteland for a following colonization process. Of course, she meets (your OC here) right at the beginning for navigating assistance in the wastelands.
I know something very unique and definitely not veryones taste. But if anyone reads this and is interested, please let me know!
I don’t care about race/species or gender, everypony is basically welcome!
Luminous Comet

Guess I’ll try again.
Looking for almost any RP right now.
Romance, Slice of Life, Adventure
G4, G5, EqG
Pony or human characters
Canon, OC, or background characters
I’d be passionate about some AUs, too.
I have ideas of my own, but I’ll gladly hear out yours too.
(But, honestly, I’m fine with just chatting about ponies and ideas, too, no strings or whatnot.)
Patrick the Brony

Does anyone feel like doing a weight gain RP with the Mane 6 ponies (Twilight Sparkle (Unicorn), Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy)?
-Must be ponies (no anthro or EQG)
-Only stomach getting bigger (not butt, face, legs, or multiple chins)
-No 18+, Gore, Sex, Vore, NSFW, or other gross stuff like snot, spit, or farting
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