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The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]

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*No stated plotline. It will likely unravel as time goes on/as people get active on it.  
You judge threads by looking at them, ignoring who made them or what unspoken things may happen in the future via interaction.  
Soon as I figure out who to play as, I’m in.
Chef Unionista ZGU

Since such thread like this one exists, I might just get on with it.
I am ZGU, and do not be fooled by the number of my posts. I carry experience of extensive role play on sites such as discord or NationStates.
I am searching for a RP partner (the more the merrier) who are able to act on thought rather than emotional impulsion. Also, spirited, active and thoughtful users, who will have the respect for their host.
Before you consider reading the rest of my offer, I plead that you think over this: I will not be online everyday, as I have duties to tend to. (Hobbies, actually) As laughable as it is, making paper soldiers for juniorgeneral is hard work. As said, I might be inactive for long periods of time, therefore I wish that my partners respect my absence by either waiting or arranging creative solutions to inactivity.
Of course, it would not be worth being idle for days if the RP is boring! That is why I compesate the absence with extreme detail during RP posts and careful planning once taking role of being host.
The RP theme will be a Human in Equestria sort, whose plot and idea will be revealed if you are willing to communicate with me about it. As previously mentioned, I am not restricting it to only a duo of users, so feel free to ask.

stop using Derpi lmao
@Chef Unionista ZGU  
I read HiE as Humanized Equestria for a sec there and was about to commit sudoku out of boredom before i reread the post.
Eh. Sure.
Maybe you’re just what this forum needs.
Chef Unionista ZGU

I am thankful for the welcome.
Also I thank you for taking interest. I already have one person messaging me directly and of course, one more showing interest on this thread. (Refering to Luke1066)
Now, I have considered starting off the thing today, but, I’d rather wait for more interest to be awoken. My idea is to make the thread soon (I say, two or three days) and confirm all who wish to participate.
I apologise about not making it clearer before, but: willingnes to participate is to be shown in a private message sent to me. That way I can hold a easier overview, answer to optional questions and thank you for the interest.
Do mind, once all are assembled, I shall launch the RP thread. If you do not favor the idea, feel free to tell me it is not your thing and that you are unwilling to participate. I will understand. Plus, if the RP is started, feel free to participate in other RP threads during my idle phases. There is nothing more annoying than just waiting, but I assume you already participate in other threads, which is good.
The theme, I repeat, is HiE.
I apologise for the lenght, I am used to long walls of pixel death. The toll of hosting geopolitical nation RP.
Thank you for reading, and have fun!
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Aye mates. Two weeks of basic left. Hoo-Ah. Got the whole company to sing the Mlp theme. Mission accomplished. Looking forward to more Rp when I graduate. Miss yal!!
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