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The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]


Name: Silent Hunt  
Age: 26  
Cutie Mark: A spear surrounded by bushes  
Appearance: Black and white strips, short cute mane, a black shirt and jeans, pierced ears with hydra fangs,necklace from my tribe, black boots, very faded scare on left side of temple.  
Notes: Moving from the Zebra nations after spending whole life there living as a hunter to provide for my family. But at the behest of them I have decide to move out and see more of what life has to offer. So I moved in to a simple one bedroom apartment and looking for stable work for someone who has spent most of their life fighting to provide for their family and their own well being.
Looking for a mare who want to RP really anything from a slow build to something hot and heavy. Interested in practicing my lemon/clop writing so any real desire can be worked with (as long as it isn’t too much)
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I want something to do. The story can be anything, but if it’s based on a universe I’m unfamiliar with I’ll try my best, or explain it to me.
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