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The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]


(Ditto from Reddit post)  
Greetings, I am looking for people who would be interested in help expanding this roleplay that I helped found on skype. We have hit a slow period and more faces it in will gladly help the role play thrive.
There is also an out of character chat for people to chat about the RP before or during the RP.
We will accept any regardless of their experience in roleplay and help them get better. We will also help design a character for you if you would like aid in that.
There are only a few major rules that are enforced in the chat, and even then its not really enforced too hard:
Closed Doors for NSFW, if the act is seen by people not involved in the act then have it in the cat. Otherwise, take it to a private chatroom.
Try to keep more of the gross fetishistic stuff out of the chatroom, this means stuff like bondage is okay but scat and such like that should be kept out.
Try to keep OOC chats in the OOC chatroom, its alright to add it on your post if you have a question but if the conversation might go on for awhile then try to clear the main chat for roleplay. (You do not have to be a part of the OOC chat, but you may miss out on social interaction. As a reminder, any chat can be silenced by using the command /mute)
Listen to the accounts of Jaysteeny {Warning: Name changes}, Sugar Fox {Warning: Jaysteeny}, Vexzon Safeguard, and/or other people who are given power as moderators. There will not be bans kicks with no warnings but please do respect the chat.
Lastly, this is more universal but please do not control other’s characters without permission. If the person is not around its alright to say they had to step out or something but please, do not control others characters as a sign of courtesy.
This roleplay is a rather chill place with people who are friendly and kind. We have people from all across the world so time zones may sometimes not work out on occasion. If this interests you, feel free to send me a message on reddit or directly on Skype at Vexzon safeguard or the OOC chatroom at the link https://join.skype.com/QkoMSuRatUuF
I cannot wait!

Hello, fellow degenerates of society,
The following message is a small advertisement for a Discord server that I have created a couple months ago.
The server is dedicated to D&D-style roleplay, and encompasses any scenario that comes to mind. For example, the current scenario is that of a typical fantasy world (with ponies, of course) that is being terrorized by demons. We have only done a total of two scenarios, including that which is in progress, the first being based on Fallout: Equestria. Once more, ANY scenario is welcome, ponies or not.
All are welcome, regardless of experience with either D&D, or roleplay in general. The mechanics have been simplified in order to better accommodate those with less experience. I only ask that anyone who joins is prepared to participate in the scenarios.
DISCLAIMER! Mainly European timezones!
Invite link: https://discord.gg/RpdR9VV
Please direct yourself to the rules before anything else.
Thank you for your time, even if you choose not to join.
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Eh sure, okay.
They’ll be a bit ham-fisted with their punishments, treat lightly in there.
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Am fairly new to the forums, but I been looking for a new RP partner who can do adventure/romance/dark pony RPs, with slight mature themes. Mostly prefer it with ocs, but if it were to come to canon show characters, it would depend on the plot and setting. I would prefer if it were in my alternate universe.
PM me if interested, I would prefer this in Skype or Discord.
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That should go to the “we are our avatars” thread or put the concept in the suggestion thread so we can help you refine and perfect it.
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