The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]


{The Crazed Maniac}
Welp…Might as well ask on this…Whatever you call this But I’m currently looking for Any Rp’ing partner’s As i have had zero luck and i have no clue how Messages work

I want to start a new roleplay with someone, for practice, i am not the best a rp. i won’t be on derpi very much and my hours are strange.
Background Pony #010D
Uh… hi. New to this place. I was wondering if there’s anybody willing to RP. I’m working on improving the characterization in one of my FimFics, and I wish to see some canonical characters interact with mine. I’ll explain further in a PM.
Mystic Crown

I’m looking to roleplay as either of the regal sisters Princess and Luna, or as Twilight Sparkle as I actually have a fair bit of experience roleplaying as them. Especially Celestia, followed by Luna My thoughts being a more romantic roleplay, where I will list the possible ships that I’d be willing to try below. I also have an OC named Mystic Crown, which is my username as well, who is a unicorn… Though I honestly don’t have her fully figured out apart from being a unicorn and most of her personality.
I have a strong preference for semi-lit to literate, requesting for at least three to five sentences, while appreciating those who put more thought and detail into their replies. As such tends to keep me more interested and invested in a roleplay. Also, please no over powered or alicorn OCs. I’m not sure yet my schedule, though I often have trouble sleeping.
These are the ships that I’m willing to roleplay in, as long as let me know.  
Twiluna — (Twilight x Luna)  
CeleLuna — (Celestia x Luna)  
Guardlestia – (Celestia x Guard)  
Guardluna – (Luna x Guard)  
Rarilight — (Rarity x Twilight)  
TwiDash — (Twilight x Rainbow Dash)  
Twinkie — (Twilight x Pinkie Pie)  
TwiShy — (Twilight x Fluttershy)  
TwiJack — (Twilight x Applejack)  
Twadence — (Twlight x Cadence)  
TwiArmor — (Twilight x Shining Armor)
Possible choices, but will definitely need to discuss, more then the others.  
Celestibra — (Celestia x Sombra)  
Lumbra — (Luna x Sombra)  
Twibra — (Twilight x Sombra)  
TwiMoon – (Twilight x Nightmare Moon)  
Moonlestia — (Nightmare Moon x Celestia)
I don’t have any plots or scenarios figured out myself at the moment but I am open for ideas.
Edit: I will not do romantic roleplays between an adult pony and a foal.
Sun Shine

hi! i look for someone to RP with, i have alot of ideas about different universes and scenes, ERP can be also applied with me. but im looking for a good story with its hot moments or without depends on what suits you better.
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