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The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]

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Itd be nice if you guys would come visit into the other threads. We could use some new RP talent, and honestly, new faces would be awesome.
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The Mecha-brony
Right now I’m pretty much available for any OC roleplay (canon characters can be used too).  
Any prompt works (preferably if it’s an adventure-type RP)
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Garbage man
Alright kids here I got again
I’m really looking for someone to talk about ships with.  
Ideally a partner to co-own/write a next gen because that’s fun
But I also know what most people here look for rps so let me put out some concepts I’d looove to expand on in rp format.
  1. Redemption is magic  
    A rewrite of the show based around the M6 (using their elements) to reform their big villains and ending up dating them ?  
    The initial idea is that they confront Nightmare moon but instead of magic friendship lazers, Pinkie steps up and talks to NMM, relating over a ’‘more competent’’ big sister, duality, laughter as a way of coping and being able to move on.  
    Basically a rewrite that puts a little more worth in communication then magic.
  2. Daybreaker verse  
    Another rewrite, this time Lunas banishment went down a little different (I can ellaborate or discuss if anyone is interested) And ends with Luna on the mooon and Daybreaker on the throne  
    Daybreaker is much less of a benevolent ruler of course but people are loyal to the giant god horse that controls the sun.  
    The mane six are still born and raised much as in canon and Twilight is chosen as ’‘student’’ to Daybreaker who has done well turning Twi into a deeply loyal drone.  
    Being send to ponyville to choke out a threat (Lunas return) Twi accidentally makes friends and when they go to confront Luna she turns out to not be a nightmare breaking succubus. Bonding and relearning ensues, the group splits into various layers of believing in Luna or believing in Daybreaker.  
    Bonding, drama and espionage ensue.
    3)Literally anything with Discord, Using his magic to mix up talents or genders or species of the main cast (or chosen players) helping to beat up some bad guys or even being tricked into helping the bad guys and ensuing in angst (like with tirek)  
    I’d just really like some Discord content
    4)chapter based adventure, the mane6 get magicked to the very corners of equestria,maybe wounded, maybe with amnesia ? and they have to find their way back to ponyville/the fight they’d been busy with  
    This would be a fun way to put different ponies into different surroundings, like Rarity being dropped into the Kirin village for example
    5)hurt/comfort rps, anything were things get really bad before they get better, characters nearly dying, witnessing death, being abused etc before being rescued and comforted by a loved one or partner
    6)abduction plot, anypony being caught and kept, can involve heavy themes, probably ends in a rescue ? or the captive clawing their way to freedom on their own hah. Can be eerily real,low-magic abduction or part of a bigger plot like magic imprisonment or war prisoners in a bigger plot
    I just really want some folk to talk/rp big plots, relationships and drama my guys  
    (posting this in both Nsfw and sfw)
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