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The Dazzling Adventures [A safe only Roleplay] see first page for details.

An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Artist -

This forum is about just some random Dazzling confrontations. Have fun! And keep it safe please.
Minor Vulgar words (Damn, Piss, hell, and crap are allowed)
What the hell.  
Damn or Dammit, they got away.  
Oh Crap.  
You pissed me off.
Also this is a safe only Role Play.
Keep images safe.  
NSFW is not allowed here.  
No fetish posts either.  
No grotesque material.  
No Grimdark material.  
No Shipping.  
Nothing Sexual.  
And Please be respectful to one Another.
If you go against these rules, We will report you to the mods. There are plenty of RP forums for stuff like this.
Thanks for your time. Remember to have fun. And Welcome to the show.
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