Talk to Twilight Tragedy

Background Pony #EFE2
Twilight: This is great. But I need some sleep.
Starswirl: I must say this has been a great accomplishment. I am very proud of you Celestia.
Celestia: I am honored but more importantly I am relieved that my student is the way she is now. I thank you all Starlight, Fluttershy, Starlight, Cadance, my sister… and uh even you Discord.
Discord: Whatever I only did it so Fluttershy would be happy.
Fluttershy: Sure you did.
Starlight: Though it does make me wonder. Who do we thank for helping Twilight? Treelight? The crown.
Celestia: I know this. Since we work together we can solve some ofbthe greatest challenges or if not that show the greatness of creatures how they can help even the hopeless
Background Pony #EFE2
Wow. Well then. I guess it is all over.
I’ll be honest I was wondering if there would be a happy ending or not. But either way. It looks like everything turned out fine to my relief.
I hope we had fun.
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