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Tales of Maretime Bay (SFW)

Background Pony #C8D1
They both go to Pipp and explain. She contacts the queen so she can plan a court with Jazz and the offending Pegasus. The court was gonna happen in three days
Background Pony #C8D1
Jazz decided to go for a check up to see if the baby was okay
??? enters the salon soon after
Rocky: What do you want?
???: Tou finally fired that cry baby?
Pipp: You’ve harmed her enough!
Background Pony #C8D1
???: I only tried to get rid of the baby she didn’t want
Pipp: You’re disgusting! Wishing on a magical shooting star for a mare to be pregnant?! What is wrong with you, she didn’t want babies yet. She’s only 18!
???: So, what’s wrong with me killing it?
(Note: There’s a few headcanons here. Canonically Jazz isn’t pregnant and her age is unknown)
Background Pony #C8D1
???: Show my domain over her. If she didn’t want it, then fine, I’d kill it for her
Rocky: Are you crazy!?
Background Pony #C8D1
Rocky: Everything’s gonna be fine, Jazz. No way he’ll get away with it
Background Pony #C8D1
Jazz: He wished upon a star and made me pregnant!
Judge: Order in the court! One witness at a time!
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