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CIAO! Role play in the Mushroom Kingdom as your favorite Super Mario series character from ANY of the Mario games. (And only those plz.)
Pick a character, stomp goombas, smash bricks, collect coins/power-ups, or just chill, and relax eat tea & cake in the Mushroom village... or you can help stop the evil King Koopa's latest scheme, or be one of his minions,and create havok in the kingdom.

Do whatever you wish, just keep things E-rated or E-10.

Character list: (Will be updated with more characters added.)
Good Guys
[bq] Mario : Beau Skunky
Luigi : (UncAlaimoned.)25
Toad (Red spotted) : (Unclaimed.)
Captain Toad : (Unclaimed.)
Blue Toad : (Unclaimed.)
Yellow Toad : (Unclaimed.)
Green Toad : (Unclaimed.)
Green Yoshi :(Unclaimed.)
Princess Peach Toadstool : (Unclaimed.)
Toadsworth : (Unclaimed.)
Princess Daisy : (Unclaimed.)
Toadette : (Unclaimed.)
Pauline : (Unclaimed.)
Professor E. Gadd. : (Unclaimed.)[/bq]

Neutral (Can be good or bad depending on the situation.)
[bq]Wario : (Unclaimed.)
Waluigi : (Unclaimed)
Donkey Kong : (Unclaimed)
Diddy Kong : (Unclaimed)[/bq]

Bad guys
[bq]King Bowser Koopa : (Unclaimed)
Bowser Junior : (Unclaimed.)
Kamek : (Unclaimed.)
Kammy Koopa : (Unclaimed.)
Boom-Boom : (Unclaimed.)
Pom-Pom : (Unclaimed.)
King Bob-omb : (Unclaimed.)
Goomboss : (Unclaimed.)[/bq]
The Koopalings
[bq]Larry Koopa : (Unclaimed.)
Morton Koopa Jr. : (Unclaimed.)
Wendy O'Koopa : (Unclaimed.)
Iggy Koopa : (Unclaimed.)
Roy Koopa : (Unclaimed.)
Lemmy Koopa : (Unclaimed.)
Ludwig Von Koopa : (Unclaimed.)[/bq]

(Bad guys unaffiliated with the Koopa Kingdom.)
[bq]King Boo : (Unclaimed.)
Tatanga : (Unclaimed.)
King K. Rool : (Unclaimed.)[/bq]
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