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Sunset Shimmer Pregnancy Expansion RP


Title explains it all, however I like to include a few things that should be said;
Almost every character in this RP should be 18+ as should any RP partners who wish to participate, another not is that this takes place in the Equestria Girls world, incase you didn’t know
What to expect in this RP: Belly Expansion, Breast Expansion, Butt/Hips/Thighs expansion, Pregnancy Cravings, Mood Swings, Morning Sickness, Stomach Noises, Ill fitting clothes, belly rubbing, Wholesome Relationships.
What WONT be in this RP: Bursting, Abuse, Rape, Scat, Bondage, Mpreg, Futa, torture
We can do it here, or you can add me on discord: alex_awesomeness
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