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Suggestion and bullshitting thread(NSFW,hangout, rp suggestions, sheet posting, venting

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i already see whole sorts of issues with this, first off different expectations, different level of skill (some are more experiences then others) and if its going to be DND style RP who is going to propel RP forward, there is has to be defined leader in the group. plus each time when comes to actual sex is it really viable to have orgy each time so that everyone feels included? yeah something to think about
I mean yeah I think that just existence of DnD sessions prove that it’s actually possible to gather people with different expectations and skill. Also that’s the general problem of searching for partners, but instead of finding just one… you have to find a few matching persons… seems a little daunting… but possible! i think
Also orgy was mentioned as alternative scenario, that means: orgy - as oneshot RP idea, DnD as long term idea. Of course it would strange to have group sex every night with normal characters from RPG.
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while yes it is possible to gather a group of people there are other issues that a whole group has to face. and the first issue is scheduling. not all people will respond at the same pace meaning that one person will take 10 minutes to respond another will take antire day (and thats IF they will feel like respond) if you continue without the person who is behind that negates the whole point of having group RP in the first place. and when he comes back he will totally confused, im not saying its guaranteed to happen but from my personnel experience with RPing you have to be
ready for the worst at all times. and person would respond with paragraph and another will respond with one liner which can create conflict among the members of RP. and do not get me started if someone will get burned out by the role play, as well as people might have complaints that RP goes too slow or too fast.
with what i also said in previous post you have to heavily rally on consistency, making each person is going at a desired pace, and be active members of RP, on top of the members has to be okay with other things members are doing. there is a reason in my years worth of RP experience i never even thought to touch group RP because instead of dealing with one inconstant partner you have to deal like with 3 of them, i rather save myself the headache and stick to one partner.
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I’ve found that those who reject group roleplays are both limiting themselves in character development and social interaction, but it also mean they are unable to leave their comfort zone.
Having multiple people in an RP has its negatives, but all of them could be solved with a quick 10 minute discussion beforehand.
I get wanting to stay where you have control and are most familiar with, but 6 people, each with a distinct personality and able to add infinite amount of flavor to a setting then 2 people can.
It’s also easier to throw away a roleplay when there is only 1 other person. Too many times I’ve had someone I’m interacting 1 on 1 with just suddenly decide they don’t want to continue anymore. That basically means all my efforts were a waste. With a group RP if 1 person drops out the story doesn’t just end, it can continue and be repaired.

heres something to make this thread active
who is your favorite OC and you most like about them you must provide a pic of him/her, ill start
my favorite is ponepony, honestly there is nothing special about this pony she looks very ordinary but i simply like her simplicity. personally i hate oc who try way to hard to look edgy.
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im not saying its a bad OC nor is it good either, i am not here shaming his tastes in ponies but loving an OC and search are result are literally 3 and non of them are even mediocre tier art as a bold statement in my book (again in MY book).
and thats a good choice actually, she really gives off the impression of cute sleep deprived pony (if you into that)
and just by her art ponepony and ivy are practically sisters type of friendship so i already have a good feeling about you
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OOOHHHH okay now i got it ahahaha my bad pal, i forgot to put dash.
she looks simplistic but not a bad thing like i said i hate ponies with complicated design
(this is my favorite pic by far)
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