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Suggestion and bullshitting thread(NSFW,hangout, rp suggestions, sheet posting, venting

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I’ve noticed a pattern of every horse show site I see had a staff that is nothing but drama and generally hated by the rest of the users. Its a disturbing trend.
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As an active admin in multiple communities, i can say that mostly its people creating nonexistant problems and hating the admins for actually doing their jobs.
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Honestly, he probably finds it hard to believe due to all the screenshots /mlp/ has dumped over what, 17 threads?
Also maybe this, I have no clue really.
Can’t really blame him, a lot of people are riled up. Hopefully the situation improves

stop using Derpi lmao
Ironically the only time i visit the thread for this trashfire is when i miss a post and it’s been purged. I think it’s thread 19 now.
Please calm down, Derpy.

stop using Derpi lmao
@Carter Resado  
See the forum.  
See the thread title.
This is the hangout thread in the RP forum.
You want the politics thread or either DNP thread (presumably the pro-censorship one), neither of which are here. If you can’t find them, i’ll go hunt down links.

stop using Derpi lmao
@Carter Resado  
Funny thing about humor: it’s subjective.  
@Carter Resado  
Context is key: most of the posting in the thread veered in the on-topic territory of why folks weren’t all migrating to one site or another.  
Now, if you wanna talk horsewords, we can talk horsewords, or we can shoot the shit about what’s bothering you as long as it don’t get too political.

stop using Derpi lmao
Site’s burning. If you haven’t packed up to move, do it now. Even furbooru is probably going to be less on-fire, even if the iron fist extends to it.
I’ll see you all in the next one.
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