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Burger Rebellion
I’ve found that those who reject group roleplays are both limiting themselves in character development and social interaction, but it also mean they are unable to leave their comfort zone.

Having multiple people in an RP has its negatives, but all of them could be solved with a quick 10 minute discussion beforehand.

I get wanting to stay where you have control and are most familiar with, but 6 people, each with a distinct personality and able to add infinite amount of flavor to a setting then 2 people can.

It’s also easier to throw away a roleplay when there is only 1 other person. Too many times I’ve had someone I’m interacting 1 on 1 with just suddenly decide they don’t want to continue anymore. That basically means all my efforts were a waste. With a group RP if 1 person drops out the story doesn’t just end, it can continue and be repaired.
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