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Slice of Life RP (Mild Language)

Background Pony #010D
Name: Alastor.
Gender: Male.
Race (Pegasus, Unicorn, Alicorn, Earth Pony, other): Grudge creature.
Age (doesn’t have to be exact): 23 (IMORTAL)
Parents (optional): Unkown.
Cutie Mark: None.
Occupation: Villain.
Other info: Photo of him in this link.
Alastor and SunBaked cookie (Riding on Alastor’s head.) spied on them behind a tree.
SunBaked cookie: So…they can be spared…well…maybe…well…I’d like to murder somebody once again in my life.
Alastor the grudge: ARE WE GONNA KILL THEM OR NOT?!!
SBC: Nah. Too cliche.
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