Silly Songa with Pinkie- Song of the Cebu


we see a makeshift bedsheet screen and a slide projector with Pinkie, an audience of Flitter, Cloudchaser, and Scootaloo are present

Narrator: "Fillies and Gentlecolts, boys and girls, Pinkie Pie presents, in a sequential image, stereo-phonic, multi-media event, The Song of the Cebu!"

Pinkie: "Cebuuuuu! This a song about a boy. A song about a little boy and his Cebu's. A song about a little boy and his three Cebu's! The little boy who had a sick Cebu, a sad Cebu, and a mute Cebu. And also a hippo."

screen becomes blank

"Um, um. This is me at the train station. This is my Aunt Ruth. This is me at a bullfight. This is me fighting the bull."

Audience: "Oooh!"

"This is me and the bull."


"This is me and the bull and, I think that's the bull's cousin. He's a Cebu!"
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Artist -

Fancy Pants: Hold it! You call this a multimedia event? This is a slide projector and a bedsheet. And what on earth is a Cebu anyway?
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Pinkie: "It's kinda like a cow. shows picture See?"

Fancy Pants: "Yes, well, uh very good. This could be interesting. Carry on!"

"Cebuuuuu! Sing it with me! Cebuuuuu!"

Audience: "Cebuuuuu!"
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