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Sexy Time with Celestia's Rump Roleplay


Hello, I was wondering if there was somebody here who would like to RP with me. The story is simple: An average human stumbles upon Princess Celestia and can’t help but notice how big and sexy Celestia’s rump is. She takes notice of this and makes the honor of pleasing the human by letting him explore her beautiful big rump (Celestia’s rump reference:
My conditions are this:  
-I play a flirting Princess Celestia  
-My RP partner plays a human the princess stumbles upon  
-No farting  
-No asshole vore  
-No mammary  
-No vagina
Anybody is free to join me in this RP as long as they’re okay with my conditions.
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In case you were too fucking blind to look, there is a thread literally PINNED TO THE TOP OF THE FORUM for this shit. Dont post one of these again please.
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