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Boobs/Snake Goddess
I do know that, I’m open to suggestion and anything really. Adventure, platonic, ship, gore, NSFW, anything you want really.

Well I might not join. But, I WILL give ya some rp story ideas. For you see, you’re talking to A RP STORY TELLER OF AWESOMENESS!!!! XD
So for your first choice of ideas, have you ever of the online game Warframe? Well you did or did not this is them…  
…for they are called Tennos, space ninjas to keep balance and hunte down alien enemies throughout the universe. That’s why the game is calle…  
So here’s the plot. The mane-six decide the play warframe online, they played for almost two weeks of fun when playing with other players online but when all of a sudden, a thunderstorm begins to start. Dozens of lightning strikes were being seen outside. The wind blowing in every directions and finally the power goes out while they were playing online. They wanted to try to reboot the power witb Twilight’s magic while Rainbow Dash goes and clears up the clouds but while she does that she accidentally starts another lightning bolt that strike the magic Twilight made creating a small circuit to the warframe game that made a huge portal sucking in all the mane-six.
When they awoke they find themselves, not in Equestria but in the game itself! They look around and began argue wondering what happen what they should do when suddenly 12 armored alien like ninjas appeared and had their weapons pointed at the ponies. Can the Tennos trust these six ponies to help them? Or will they be trouble for next few days? How will the mane-six get back home to Equestria? For they will need the help as many as possible to get back at all cost. They will face new obstacles, new areas to see but worst of all…RUN AWAY BY THOUSANDS OF ALIEN ENEMIES!!!! Guns, bullets, blades, alien ninjas powers and now pony magic. What next for the Tennos? Will they be embarrassed, or will they find friendship in space of combat?
Well that’s all I got :/
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