Rainbow Dash and the Ghostlight


whoever plays McQueen, Applejack?: “Gosh. Sure is a nice night.”
Twilight: laughs “It sure is a nice night.” ushers her to look at bags of sugar shaped like a pony
“I sure hope Rainbow isn’t waiting around anywhere to scare me, cause I’ll freak out.”
Rainbow Dash: “RAAAHH!”

everyone backs away from Pinkie
Pinkie: “The Ghostlight, is an unnatural glowing orb of blue translucent light that haunts these very parts.”
Rainbow: “Don’t worry about it mane, it ain’t real.”
“It is real!”

Pinkie: “It all started on a night like tonight. The song dogs were wailin’ at the moon off Sweet Apple Acres. While the summer wind blew hot like the breath of Zozobra. A young couple was headed down this very stretch of the mother road when they spotted an unnatural blue glow, and all that was left were two out-of-state license numbers. So remember, the one thing that angers the Ghostlight more than anything else is the sound of clopping hooves.”
Rainbow shakes with that very sound and tries to conceal it
“As you head home tonight, keep an eye out. The Ghostlight could be anywhere. Well, goodnight.”
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