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I looking for another female who is willing to take a deep breath, puff out her cheeks, pucker her lips and blow on my face. Or I could do it to them. We will pretend to be a character from the show. Females only, user or oc.

Pinkie grinned with glee. She then smirked. “Oh I think you know silly. I just got quite the doozy of a pinkie sense. You never told me you liked being a baby. Why didn’t you just say so?” Pinkie said, trotting into Fluttershy’s cottage.

Pinkie giggled, closing Fluttershy’s front door. “No worries sweetie weetie. Just let your new babysitter Pinkie get you all better.” Pinkie said, lifting Fluttershy like a baby with surprising strength and gently resting her on a pink baby mat.

“Aww, yes you do! Yes you do!” Pinkie said, coddling her friend as she gave her a plushie that looked strangely reminiscent to when Fluttershy was a baby.
“Now get ready for the tickly powder!” Pinkie said, taking a deep breath and buffing out her cheeks.
She puckered her lips before blowing a sparkly magical pink powder over her friends face, regressing her quite quickly into a little beady eyed foal.

“Awww does whittle Fluttershy like playing games with her babysitter? Well there’s more where that came from! Let’s first give you a diapee change.”
Pinkie said wiping Fluttershy down, before sprinkling normal baby powder over her bottom, and sliding a diaper underneath.
“There we go! All better!” Pinkie said, scooping Fluttershy up and making silly faces.

“That’s my baby! So, who would you like to play with you? Wainbow Wash? Warity? Maybe Twiwight Sparka or Starwigh Gwimma?” Pinkie said with her funny lisp, pointing to certain colored baby blocks for each pony.

“Ooo!! Good choice, let’s go pay Warity a visit shall we?” Pinkie said, snuggly tucking baby Fluttershy into a saddle bag with her toy monkey. Pinkie then got a Pinkie Sense vibe every time she was near some pony.
With this on hoof, she got to Warity’s boutique and knocked on the door.
Rarity happily trotted down expecting a customer only to see Pinkie Pie with a cute suspiciously familiar baby foal. “Hi Pinkie, awww and who would this cutie be?”
Pinkie giggled hopping inside and closing the door. “You mean Fluttershy silly.”
Rarity paused, concerned. “Wha-“
Before she could finish her question though, Pinkie plucked a tantalizing pacifier in her mouth.
As Rarity blushed in response, Pinkie puffed up her cheeks with air and puckered her lips before blowing a pink sparkly substance over Rarity’s face.
Rarity quickly regressed into a happy little foal, admiring the cute sparklies her babysitter gave her.
Pinkie giggled at her remarkable babysitter skills and plopped Fluttershy on the floor. “Now, what would my two favorite foals like to do?”
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